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2020 Wedding Accessories To Look Out For

A lot of plans were put to a halt this 2020 including events to look out for. One of these events may have been the dream wedding you most longed for.

If you happen to belong in the population, don’t be discouraged just yet and use this time to continue on conceptualizing your big event. Starting out on the smallest details to be worn at the nuptial can be a great beginning for preparation.

Planning as early as possible can save a lot of time and effort especially when it comes to wedding accessories. These may seem easy to assemble but in reality, it’s harder than it looks like. To help you formulate ideas, here are some of this year’s wedding accessories to watch out for.

  • Barrettes

What’s more nostalgic than bringing back the 90s? Weddings have always been associated with nostalgia. This is the sole reason why dainty pieces were now introduced at weddings.

Petite wedding accessories like these make the wedding look complete with a hint of vintage.

  • Bold Headbands

Weddings are once in a lifetime experience. Hence, some brides opt for extravagant wedding accessories that can elevate their wedding looks.

With a dash of pearl embellishments and sparkling stones, not only the wedding look but also the ceremony itself can level up from regular to celestial.

  • Circlets

This is another wedding accessory that came from the past and gives off a Medieval impression.

Circlets are usually made from silver and gold or with precious gems. Although in today’s modern adaptation, using a simple floral lace and pearls would suffice.

  • Cap Veils

Adding a Shakespearean twist to your wedding look will be a good visual specifically during the dramatic grand entrance at the ceremony.

This type of wedding accessory is also better if the veil trails off the floor, creating an ethereal feel.

  • Hats

If you’re feeling different, hats can be applied not only for the groom but also for the bride. A flowy, white straw hat can add dimension to the bride’s look.

It is perfect for the ceremony and can be admired by guests during the event itself.


Given the situation the world is currently experiencing, it is beyond impossible to bring these ideas to reality. However, Weddings are proven to require preparation to, later on, achieve a systematic outcome. Putting it into reality can be tossed around the corner but plans shouldn’t be. Most importantly, it’s the union of two people that is the main highlight of the ceremony.

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