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3 creative ways to reuse printed tissue paper

It is important when we receive a product online, that the quality of the product is preserved through delivery and no damage has been done during transportation. Proper wrapping and protection need to be considered, especially if something is travelling a longer distance. Our shopping habits have changed since the pandemic, as the increase to online shopping has been exponential, meaning more and more orders need to be packaged properly and sent to customers. This poses a question for businesses who were not set up for online orders already, is the best way to package their products, not only protecting them but how they are presented. If for example you are in the arts and crafts industry, you want to provide those added extras alongside your product to ensure customers are happy and more likely to be loyal and get repeat business. Printed tissue paper is a great option for businesses out there.

It can be personalised through outlets such as the Paper Bag Co and add value to your product through packaging. Printed tissue paper can be branded, another great way to promote your business and offer protection to your products inside the box whilst adding luxury and making your offering more presentable. Also, when customers receive the product/products, the printed tissue paper can be reused in many different ways around the home and elsewhere. This blog will look into different ways printed tissue paper can be reused, so keep on reading to find out more!

  • Floral Arrangements

The great thing about printed tissue paper is how versatile it is and the different applications it can have for any creative products you undertake. There is lots of inspiration out there when it comes to reusing your printed tissue paper, you can create some pretty floral or wreath arrangements from any you have left over from any online orders you have received. Paper Bag Co offers printed tissue paper in a wide variety of sizes and colours, which is something businesses may want to think about when they are packaging their product. Also, subtle branding may come in handy when using printed tissue paper, as many may look to reuse this in a creative outlet and may not want anything too obvious covering the whole paper.

  • Regifting Presents

Although this one may seem obvious, there is no reason why printed tissue paper cannot be reused for its intended purpose in the first place. As it offers protection and adds a nice finish to any gift or product, it is the perfect addition. Also, it is environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable (when purchased from the Paper Bag Co), you won’t be burdening the recipient with any unwanted waste, as the printed tissue paper can be recycled. Also if it is branded then this is a great way to get more people aware of your business!

  • Recycle

Finally, printed tissue paper can be recycled and be reused as something entirely new! It is great when there are products out there that are environmentally friendly and avoid causing damage to the planet compared to the plastics which have caused so much pollution since its inception. As it is becoming more and more important to care for the environment with the growing impact of climate change, products like printed tissue paper can be handy when it comes to helping in this respect.

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