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3 Unique Sustainable Clothing Items to Go Green

Everyone’s “going green” these days. That’s a good thing. Anything we do to help lessen our impact on the planet is a positive thing, and it’s amazing to see so many people hopping on board in so many different ways.

However, clothing is still one thing that a lot of people tend not to think of. Did you know that polyester makes up the majority of clothing on the market, and it’s horrible for the environment? Well, it is.

To help you kick polyester to the curb and build an eco-friendly wardrobe, here are 3 eco-friendly clothing items you should buy, today.

1: Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks might not seem appealing. After all, bamboo is an extremely dense stick when you really get down to it, and you probably imagine something hard, uncomfortable, and just not worth the sacrifice. However, you’d be wrong.

Bamboo is an extremely flexible material, and when it’s used properly, it can make an extremely soft fabric. Bamboo socks are hand-woven and processed properly to make them just as soft and comfy as your favorite cotton or polyester socks.

Not only that, but because bamboo fiber is so dense, bamboo socks are extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about your toes jutting out of holes any time soon when you buy bamboo socks for your wardrobe.

Finally, bamboo socks don’t look any different than standard socks unless they’re designed to. Once the bamboo is processed, no one will know you’re walking around with a panda’s food on your feet.

2: Upcycled Shoes

Upcycling is one of the best ways to help with pollution. Of course, it’s better to minimize our consumption in the first place, but decades of abuse to our ecosystems have left tons of materials laying around that need to be used in one way or another. That’s what upcycling is. It’s when waste materials are used to make something new. Unlike recycling, the materials aren’t just melted down and reshaped. They’re actually used to make brand-new items.

Upcycled shoes are growing in popularity, and they embody the upcycling concept’s entire point. They’re often made from rubbers and plastics pulled from the world’s oceans, minimally processed, and minimally designed. However, they don’t skimp on fashion. You’d be surprised what good companies can do with the random “junk” laying around. The results can be staggering.

3: Jute Handbags

Finally, let’s talk about handbags that don’t require animal products or synthetic materials and actually require less pollution to produce than cotton.

Jute is a plant fiber that grows on the jute plant; an edible plant that is a major part of many diets in eastern countries. Jute fiber can be used to make a ton of things very cheaply. In fact, you’ve probably seen rolls of it in your local store’s craft aisle. Well, it also makes amazing bags.

Jute bags are fashionable, can be dyed in multiple ways to create unique artistic designs, and are entirely natural without being weak.

On top of that, jute fiber is just a byproduct of food production. It doesn’t require any unique crops or anything else, and it is minimally processed.

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