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4 benefits of renting a serviced apartment for your mind to long term work assignment

In the modern working environment, many of us will be asked to work out of different offices at some point or another. This could be due to changing project work, a drive to put names to faces with international teams, and potentially new offices opening up. If you have been asked to perform work overseas, you may have your accommodation sorted for you, but if you don’t here are some of the reasons why you should go for a serviced apartment for your long term work assignment.

  • You get greater comfort and privacy than you would in other shared accommodation

If you are moving into a new area for work it can be a stressful time, and the likelihood is you will want some space at the end of a long day. If you are staying in shared accommodation this may be difficult to find. However, if you are staying in a serviced apartment the space and number of rooms means you will be able to relax by yourself in the evenings. Look for a serviced apartment with plenty of chill-out areas in the living room and bedroom to ensure you get the maximum value for money. Looking at apartments that come with fully furnished kitchens, with quartz or Silestone countertops, modular kitchen fittings, a few necessary appliances might also be important to you while looking at accommodations that might suit your style and requirements.

  • Serviced apartments are located conveniently around many different cities

If you have to cover the travel costs when you are on the new work assignment, staying in a conveniently located serviced apartment is one of the ways that you can keep your commuting expenditure down. Look for a serviced apartment situated centrally if you are working in a city to ensure you get good links to the transport and food amenities.

  • Many serviced apartments are flexible in terms of stay length and facilities

Another one of the reasons why serviced apartments are a favourite amongst those having to relocate for work is the flexibility in terms of on the length of stay. The average period can range from anything from 1 week to many months. This is good as it means if the assignment ends sooner than expected there will not be many complications.

Find serviced apartments that are perfect for young professionals

The variety in the serviced apartment market is great for those looking for places to stay as it means there is plenty to choose from. When you are looking for one, make sure the serviced apartment has good amenities including cooking facilities and laundering services; this will save you time and money allowing you to focus on work.

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