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4 golden rules to follow when purchasing outdoor furniture

No matter how big or small, you can turn your garden or outdoor space into a more inviting and beautiful space that you can benefit from all year round. If you’re lucky enough to have your own patio or deck, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, summer often brings mosquitoes (take a look at these traps on to get rid of them), whilst winter brings snow and ice, but there are ways to enjoy your outdoor area even with these issues.

The best way to enjoy your patio is to invest in some outdoor furniture, so we’ve taken a look at some of the ways that you can follow when choosing outdoor furniture and designing your outdoor space. Take a look below.

Making the most of your outdoor space

Substance over style

When choosing garden furniture, you cannot underestimate the benefits of opting for pieces that are durable and hardy, compared to those pieces that simply look good.

Of course, we want our garden and the furniture within it to look good, but we need to ensure that the furniture being chosen is going to last, be resistant to the elements, and will keep its high-quality look year after year.

If you don’t want your garden furniture to get deformed in a very short time or break within 6 months of purchasing, then you need to ensure you check the quality of your furniture. You must make sure that all the materials used in making the furniture piece are durable and of high-quality, specially designed for outdoor use and are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

Choose the right material

Naturally, some materials are better for outdoor use than others as different materials are best for different applications. For example, aluminium is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, is easy to maintain and can be used for many years because it does not rust which makes it a widely preferred choice.

In comparison, if you want something with a bit more character then teak garden furniture is a great choice. Teak trees are one of the hardiest trees, and thanks to the oil they contain naturally they are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and are resistant to pests, making them just right for garden furniture. The key with teak is to ensure that the teak you are purchasing is genuine and of good quality.

Choose the right furniture for your space

If you do not have a large outdoor space then don’t panic! You can find plenty of beautiful and top quality pieces to suit every garden space on and similar other websites. If you have a small area you should opt for more functional pieces in light colours to trick the eye into making the space look bigger than it is.

Don’t compromise on comfort

The comfort of your garden furniture is important for your overall health and enjoyment, and so comfort should be just as important as finding something that fits with the aesthetics. The furniture you select should be of high quality but should also be comfortable, supportive and not cause back or muscle pain. This applies to everything from garden furniture to home and office furniture (find on

For the perfect combination you should pair your furniture with good quality soft furnishings that will add to the comfort factor.

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