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4 Great Date Night Ideas in Bristol

People are often attracted to Bristol for its cool nightlife, cultural hotspots, and family-friendly activities, but it’s also a fantastic place for couples. Whether you’re booking a serviced apartment for a quick visit or you’re a Bristol local yourself, here are just four great date night ideas to enjoy with your partner.

1. Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and they’re becoming an increasingly popular option for date nights. Perfect for injecting a little excitement into the night, escape rooms force you to solve clues and puzzles to get out in 60 minutes or less, so you’ll have to work with your partner to succeed. Bristol has plenty of themed escape rooms, so take a look around for something that fits.

2. Try a Comedy Club

They say laughter is the best medicine, but it’s also something of an aphrodisiac – much like how pheromones perfume can be as well. Still, there’s nothing much better than sharing laughter with your special someone, and Bristol has plenty of comedy clubs where you can do just that. One of our top picks is A Bunch of Japes, a comedy evening hosted by Smoke and Mirrors every Monday night.

3. Experiment at a Cocktail Bar

Going for a drink at the pub isn’t going to set your love life on fire, but visiting one of Bristol’s top cocktail clubs is another story entirely. A perfect excuse for you to get dressed up in your best, cocktail bars can present a wide range of tipples you might never even have heard of, let alone tried. Combined with talented bar staff and a sophisticated atmosphere, they create a fantastic date night. After getting a little high, you both would love to rush back to your room to make some love as alcohol certainly enhances sexual desire. Single folks need not be disappointed either, as they can use sites like Porno 71 for some self-pleasure, or maybe hire a sexy escort, depending on their interests.

4. Get Airborne in a Hot Air Balloon

Bristol is home to the International Balloon Fiesta, so it should come as no surprise to learn that you can take a balloon ride over the city during most times of the year. Sure to impress your partner, this is a once in a lifetime date night idea you should certainly take advantage of if you’ll be visiting Bristol.

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