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4 Ways To Heal an Injured Knee at Home

There are few injuries that can impact your life as much as a knee injury. They also tend to occur at the worse possible times too.

Say you have started a new exercise regimen, and then boom! Your knee goes out. This can prevent you from sticking to your new routine. Along with causing worry that it may happen again.

If you have a serious knee injury, then you will need to seek medical help as soon as possible. If you suspect it is a pulled muscle, then it is usually best to let it heal at home.

In this article, we will highlight how you can heal a mild to moderate knee injury at home. If you have any concerns, contact a doctor.

  • Exercise

It can be tempting when you have a knee injury to stop moving. This will not help.

There is a range of exercises you can perform that will allow the knee to heal faster. The best type of stretch for knee rehabilitation is a PNF stretch. To do this, you will need someone to help you. Lay on the floor and have your partner raise your injured leg into the air. Until the hamstring feels tight. This will allow you to flex the hamstring against your partner. Thus, strengthening your knees and surrounding muscles. Push against your partner for around 10 seconds at a time.

  • Support or strap the knee

The knee is a hinge. Meaning that it opens one way only. Or it should only open one way!

If it has become damaged, it can be tempting to prevent it from moving at all, but this can be counterproductive. As it can cause the muscles around it to weaken.

So, to help with knee injury recovery, your best bet is to get support. A brace or strap are the best options. As they allow your knee to move within a certain range. While also supporting the joint as it heals. Unsure where to find a suitable knee strap? Discover how a Knee Support Brace could assist your healing by giving one a try.  

  • Sleep

It sounds obvious but recovering from an injury drains a lot from your body. So, you will need to ensure that as your knee recovers, you get enough sleep.

Is the discomfort from the knee injury is preventing you from sleeping? Then please seek medical attention as the injury may be more serious.

It may be worth investing in a new mattress that better supports your body when recovering from an injury. Maybe choosing which TempurPedic mattress suits you best would be a good first step.

  • Ice packs and taking OTC pain relief

It is the standard after an injury occurs. Apply an ice pack to the area and elevate the injury.

The key reason behind this is to reduce swelling. Excess swelling to an injury causes discomfort and can lead to secondary issues. If your knee injury is very swollen, you may not be bending your ankle. Which can then lead to an ankle injury. So, until the swelling is manageable, apply an ice pack to the area.

Over the counter pain relief can also help with a knee injury. Especially if it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Ask your pharmacist for advice on which type is the most suited for your injury.

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