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5 Things People Notice When They Step into Your Home

When visitors are coming round, it’s normal to want to tidy and scrub the place as much as possible. After all, everyone wants their home to look its best. However, many people don’t actually notice the cleanliness level of your home at first; but there are a few things that will catch their attention, so here are some ways to create a great first impression.

  • Unique Interior Design Features

Even if your home looks like something from an interior design website, it’s the unique features such as column radiators or patterned carpet that will stand out first. If you have too many statement pieces in a room, it becomes overwhelming and makes the space feel small and cluttered. Pick a neutral background and choose a few quirky features to ensure you’re not overdoing it.

  • The Smell

When visitors step into your home, they form an impression within 38 seconds, and can often tell a lot about your house based on its smell. Smell is a powerful sense; it can make people feel happy, nostalgic or nauseous, so make sure it’s not the latter. Pet smells are one of the worst offenders for lingering odours, and while you may love your pets, not everyone wants to be reminded that they’re around. If you’ve just moved into a house and have noticed lingering smells, then it can be due to scents caught in carpets. You can try cleaning them, but they may need to be replaced if the smell doesn’t go away. Sometimes, a professional company specializing in carpet fabrics may be able to help remove the smell, so consider looking for carpet cleaning in Slough or wherever else you live. You’ll likely find a good service provider that can take care of the job for you!

  • The Temperature

Whether your home is a tropical hot-house, or you hate putting the heating on, the temperature of your home is something guests are going to notice. While British people are far too polite to tell hosts that they’re uncomfortable, you can usually tell when people start taking off layers or sit huddled in their cardigans. Between 18 to 21 degrees is a comfortable temperature, depending on the style of your home and its size. Modern homes often retain heat better, while older properties can be draughty.

  • Lighting

When you walk into a room, it’s natural to notice whether there’s enough light. If you’re scrabbling around to see or shielding your eyes when you come inside, that’s a sign that you need to adjust your lighting. Add dimmer switches or look for uplighters and other simple lighting solutions that can make a big difference to your rooms.

  • The Welcome on Offer

When guests show up at your home, the last thing they want is a grunt of ‘hello’ before you disappear back into the kitchen. Even if they’re early, try to give them an enthusiastic welcome. Have the bar well-stocked and let them help themselves when they arrive, and never wait too long before you offer a drink, even if it’s just a cup of tea. People will make strong first impressions of your home in those first few minutes, so even if your house isn’t perfect, as long as they receive a warm welcome, they’ll get happy vibes from the place.

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