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5 Tips for Finding a Great Place to Eat

Everyone loves good food; sharing a delicious meal is the best way to bond with friends and family, and there is no better place to do so than in a restaurant with excellent service and even better food. Finding that spectacular place is easier said than done, though. For every great restaurant there are ten that aren’t worth stepping into, let alone spending your money there.

It can be difficult to tell from the outside whether a restaurant has good food or not. It could have gorgeous décor and beautiful gardens, but they are no reflection on whether the food will taste delicious or not.

If you need some assistance in determining whether a restaurant is worth your time, think about these tips.

1. Ask Local People

If you’re travelling to a new place, you’ll have no idea what the reputations of the local restaurants are. When you stop by the petrol station to fill up your car or when you check in to a hotel, ask the people working there if they know any good restaurants to recommend. The opinions of real people are as close as you can get to seeing the place for yourself.

2. Look for a Queue

If a restaurant has good food, people will be waiting to get it. When you see a queue at a sushi restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter), it may be an indication that the food is worth waiting for. If you don’t fancy waiting around, try asking a member of staff when they are the quietest or book a table for the future.

3. Look at Online Reviews

If you have spotted a place you might want to eat at, but you aren’t quite sure about it, check out the reviews for it online. Reviewers online are brutally honest; they will certainly tell you if the joint is up to scratch or if it’s better to go elsewhere for your meal.

4. Go for a Drink

Most restaurants will let you come in for a drink without ordering a meal. The only way to see for yourself if you think the place will be good enough is to go there. Visit The Corner House pub, for example, and take in the surroundings and the atmosphere, ask for recommendations off the menu and get a good look at the place. The staff will be more than happy to show you that their restaurant is worth your time.

5. Go off the Beaten Track

Sometimes, the best places are ones you have to search for. Restaurants near the biggest local tourist attractions have the benefit of being convenient; customers will turn up no matter how good their service is, which means their standards often slip. To find a great meal, you are better off looking further out and finding independent restaurants.

You may just find a well-hidden secret that turns out to be your favourite restaurant.

Finding a good place to eat often comes down to trial and error. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to food; you will have to try it for yourself to find out.

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