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5 tips how to stop with smoking

I am pretty sure that we know someone or maybe we are the someone who needs to quit smoking. Smoking is a habit which is hard to get away with and stop forever, especially if you or your friend is smoking for a long time. Not only that it is not healthy for them, it can be bothering for the people which are around them. I would like to give you some helpful tips about how to quit smoking and start living healthier lifestyle.

  1. Date – It is important to find a day when you want to stop with this habit. Look into your calendar and choose day which is gonna be working the best. By this I don’t mean moving it more into a future but I mean choose a day when you are not gonna have temptations around you. It doesn’t make sense to choose Friday when you know that you are gonna go out with friends and you are gonna be around people who smoke.
  2. Choose the way – There is a lot of ways how you can quit smoking. You can either do it naturally by yourself or you can use nicotine bandage or gums which are gonna still give you some nicotine but as the time go, you are gonna need less and less and finally on one day, you will not have temptations at all. While you are trying to quit smoking you have to be aware that you gonna have some symptoms, which are – headache, cravings, constipation, anxiety etc
  3. Support – Things are usually easier when you have support around you. You don’t have to have someone do it with you (it is highly recommended), you can just have someone who is gonna be supporting you and making sure that you are not smoking. Who is gonna distract you from the fact that you are not smoking.
  4. Treats – It is good to treat yourself at the begging with someone, if you have accomplished for example your first week of quitting. You can go get your favorite dessert or maybe you saw some clothes in store, what you wanted to buy for a longtime but never end up buying it, well this time would be a good reason to buy it. It will motivate you even more and you are gonna be proud of yourself.
  5. Triggers – Not all the time you can be avoiding being with friends and going out with them, so you have to make sure that you are ready for the fact that you are gonna be around smokers. Before heading out, think about what you are gonna do to distract yourself from the fact that you cant smoke. It is better to be prepared before you go out.

I hope that this article was helpful for you and it gave you more ideas of how to quit smoking. If you are looking for some remedies I would check AXO Finans. You are gonna find reviews from other people which can help you even more.

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