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A Round-up of the Types of Pull Up Bar that are Available

Exercising and keeping fit has never been as popular as it is today. Here in the UK, more people than ever are installing gym equipment in the home. Let’s face it, gym memberships tend to be expensive and a luxury expenditure, and if you don’t use them often enough, can be a waste of money that you could sooner do without. The fact that home gym equipment is now readily available and surprisingly affordable means that spare rooms and garages are being converted into handy spaces to exercise, and it’s a sensible decision.

Indeed, keeping physically fit also helps with your mental health; a healthy body means a healthy mind, so the saying goes, and it is in fact true. This is also why many employers are offering their employers gym spaces, as they get the benefit of healthier, more alert people performing to the best of their ability. If your workplace doesn’t have a gym, you might want to make a suggestion that it could be a good idea – after all, it might make you turn up early for a quick session before the day begins!

Why Pull Up Bars?

The pull up bar is a staple of any gym – both commercially and at home – and is used to perform many useful and very impressive exercises. Simple to use and easy to learn, chin ups, push ups and more are great for muscle toning and should be included as part of any exercise routine, while the pull up station is also used sometime in conjunction with a dip station for greater effect. So, what is the best pull up bar for your situation? That depends on the size and type of space you are going to install your gym equipment within.

Pull up bars come in many shapes and sizes; some are designed to be wall-mounted and are therefore perfect for smaller spaces, while others are stand-alone and are great for installing in a garage gym or even for use outdoors. In fact, the outdoor gym space is becoming increasingly popular as it is both convenient and enjoyable. Look for the pull up bar that offers you the best versatility for your budget and you can’t go far wrong, and remember to make sure you know how much space you have to play with.

Using Your Bar

As with all exercise routines, if you are new to pull up bars you should take it easy to begin with. There is plenty of advice and information on the exercises they can be used for, so take the time to read and watch videos, and then choose the routine that will attend to the muscles and body in the areas you are concerned about.

Inexpensive and very usable, a pull up bar is a great idea for a home gym, or even just as an individual exercise item, so check them out now, and you’ll be surprised how affordable they can be.

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