It was somewhat by coincident that I started pursuing what was once merely a hobby on a professional basis. At the time, I would spend my spare time travelling in the vicinity of Liverpool and take landscape pictures. I dare say I’ve always had an eye for natural aesthetics and a good instinct for scenes and objects that would transfer well onto a photographic image. Selling these photographs had never been my intention, I just liked taking pictures.

If a friend of my hadn’t decided to show some of those pictures to a local journalist, I would never have considered pursuing photography on a professional basis. The journalist bought my photographs and made me realise that photography could be more than just a hobby.

Capturing Liverpudlian Landscapes

That first set of commercial photographs depicted the landscapes surrounding Liverpool. When you live in the same place for a prolonged period of time, your surroundings tend to disappear. You don’t see the beauty of the landscapes any longer. You barely look at people’s faces and simply become part of this all too familiar place. Taking pictures of such scenes and people you’ve known for a long time, helps you to once again appreciate their grace and beauty. My Liverpudlian landscape pictures served precisely the same purpose.

While travelling, my eyes were eagerly finding aesthetically pleasing places and people. The eventual pictures highlight what had become invisible. The park bench that you had failed to notice suddenly features interesting stories, the flaking paint is intriguing, and the photo ends up telling countless tales of the people who once sat on that humble bench.

Perhaps, that’s what makes a photograph great; its ability to capture the viewer and tell untold stories.

Travelling Photographer

After that journalist had bought my photos, I started building a strong portfolio and have since sold many of my photos. I now travel all around the world, take pictures and sell them online or as hard copies. Apart from choosing destinations myself, I frequently provide professional photography services, meeting whatever needs my clients have.

All of my journeys are entirely fascinating, not just from a photography point of view but also in terms of the people I meet. Wherever you travel, you are immersed in an entirely unique culture, and the people you meet teach you things you’ve never known before.

The eye of a photographer seeks beauty and poignancy, and travelling in that vein is immensely pleasurable. You are in a continuous flow of awareness, just waiting for the next beautiful thing to appear.

This Website

This website is designed to showcase my photography, advertise my services, and connect with other travel and photography enthusiasts. When you travel a lot, your website becomes your second home and provides you with a point of contact. The blog takes on the role of a diary, but the best thing about having a website is getting enquiries from all across the globe.

Take a look at my photos, comment and provide feedback, get in touch if you would like to hire me or simply contact me for a chat.