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Alternative Ways To Celebrate The New Year

There is a certain pressure associated with the New Year, and it can mean that rather than being an enjoyable time of celebration, it becomes something to be dreaded and avoided at all costs. It can even cause problems for our mental health if the stress of the New Year’s celebrations become too much. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be involved in a New Year’s Eve celebration at all if you don’t want to, and if you do, you should be doing it on your own terms. Here are some alternative ways you can enjoy the period.

Go On Holiday

If you don’t like the idea of being at home and doing the same old thing as you did last year over the New Year period, you can go on holiday instead. Take your family away for an exotic break to make a memorable start to the year. Consider a location that will be particularly special; for a volcanic landscape and getaway guaranteed a warmer climate, consider finding suitable holidays in Lanzarote that can offer sun, sea and culture. You may want to venture to the Alps for a skiing holiday, if you want a wintery escape sure to get the blood pumping. Start the New Year in the best way and reset yourself for the times ahead.

Have A Night In With Your Family

If it’s the pressure to celebrate than upsets you, then don’t do it. Instead, take the opportunity to take your mind off things by enjoying a night in with your family. Get a takeaway, play board games, watch a film with oodles of popcorn. Have some fun and go to bed completely happy and sated. You don’t even have to wait up until midnight – just go to bed when you’re tired and wake up in the new year with no regrets, feeling happy.

Watch The Sunrise

Staying up until midnight can be rather over rated – it always feels like something of an anti-climax once the clock strikes twelve and everyone immediately heads off to bed. So instead of staying up until midnight, crawling into bed, and getting up late (not a great way to start a new year, month, or day when you think about it), why not go to bed at a reasonable time, and get up early enough to watch the sunrise (in January this is not that early, after all)? You’ll feel refreshed and full of energy, and you can start the year in the right way.

Go For A Walk

If you want to be awake to see one year out and welcome the next one in, you don’t have to do it at home, or at a party where everyone is drinking and the music is too loud for comfort. You can go for a walk instead.

Take your family and friends with you, and go outside just before midnight, leaving yourself enough time to get to the spot you’ve chosen to celebrate the changing of the years. You can even take a picnic to eat out in the middle of the woods, a field, your street, or anywhere else, and enjoy the clear night sky. What a great way to start a new chapter!

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