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Are Organic Bags Worth the Extra Money?

Every year, millions of tons of perfectly good organic material end up in landfills. What about the insides of organic produce and veggies that are perfectly fine to eat? You could drop off all that goodness to an organic food drive, but usually it’s just dumped into the landfill anyway.

Save some food waste and compost it.

Lots of organic waste is compostable, such as apple cores, apple peels and the peels of eggplant and onion. The insides of fruit and vegetable packages are especially suitable for composting because the organic materials are still whole, nutritious pieces of food.

Organic waste is a great resource for growing plants, too. Plants take a lot of energy to grow, but composting takes no energy at all. Here’s how you can save some extra money by composting organic waste:

Bags, bags, bags!

Once you’ve bought a few organic bags, it’s a good idea to keep them in your car. You’ll be surprised at how often you go to the grocery store and forget to grab an organic bag. You can always use those unused organic bags to store food in your freezer, refrigerator, or storage cupboards. Even if you don’t live in an apartment with a pantry, you can stash a bag of apples, berries or onions in your pantry, fridge or freezer for an extra healthy snack. Just get creative with what you put in your bags.

If you do need to use plastic grocery bags, remember that many plastic bags are organic, too. Buy recycled, biodegradable, or compostable bags. You could even use your favourite reusable bags for food storage and compost in your backyard.

Spare the trees!

Use your leftover organic bags and grass to grow your favourite tree and save the forests. You’ll feel great about saving the trees after you’ve enjoyed an organic dinner of baked spaghetti squash or organic mixed veggies with basil sauce and green beans.

Buying organic food is easy to do, and there’s no need to go broke doing it.

Interested in saving some food waste for your yard?

Yes! You can take advantage of all the delicious food waste that you buy with your organic groceries. Simply save leftover bags from your grocery store purchases and use them for planting organic seeds in your backyard garden. Your garden will grow beautifully as you save up leftover ingredients for a big harvest in a few months. You will need to make sure that your seeds are not disturbed, so covering them may be best in this instance, otherwise, you may have squirrels stealing your seeds. You could also look at Squirrel Removal services if the problem gets worse, but weigh up all your options first.

No one will ever know that you saved all of the organic scraps from organic produce and you’ll also be using fewer of your organic bags as you make fewer trips to the grocery store, specifically for your produce.

Save the food waste and turn it into food for your garden.

How do you know if your food scraps are suitable for the garden?

Take a look at what’s actually in your food scraps. Most organic food wastes that end up in landfills are things like vegetable scraps, apple cores, eggshells, and apple peels. Avoid buying food scraps that are too hard or too salty for your garden.

Organic food scraps are an excellent resource for growing plants, too.

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