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Best Places to Take a Selfie in Britain

We all love being part of a great photo, and the eagerness with which Brits take their selfies and post them to social media is astonishing. There’s a skill to taking the best selfie, but the key is always going to be location. The good news is that there are some truly iconic spots in the UK where taking a selfie should definitely be a priority. If you’re bored of uploading pics of you and the cat relaxing on the sofa and you want something a little more varied, then you’re in luck. Here are the best sites in the UK where you can get the selfie of your dreams, and there’s no finer way to spice up your Insta-feed or get more retweets.

Capital Selfies in London

Of course, there’s going to be plenty of selfie opportunities in the nation’s capital. The Shard is always a good backdrop, but Big Ben is the big winner for the London-centric selfie. Sure, the Tower Bridge is cool too, but for instant recognition and class, it’s hard to beat the Big Ben tower. You might have to cope with the scaffolding for a bit though.

Photogenic Chichester

It might not have the pull of London, but there’s something very photogenic about the South Downs. Head to Halnaker, which is a small hamlet that you’ll find just outside Chichester. It’s worth booking some accommodation for the weekend, with Amberley House Cottages offering an excellent range of options. You’re going to need a base, because from stunning and unique architecture, tunnels of trees that feel straight from Game of Thrones, and listed buildings, your Facebook feed is going to look spectacular.

Football Madness

It’s not all about history or the perfect rule of three. Sometimes it’s all about atmosphere, and you’re not going to go far wrong with a trip to Old Trafford. Even if football makes you want to choke, there’s no disputing that the atmosphere and crowd at an Old Trafford game are going to make you want to take the ultimate in busy selfie shots.

Pics in Portmeirion

It might be a small village, but it’s certainly a unique one. This is a classic selfie spot, and it’s surrounded by luxurious rolling hills and the Welsh culture. One of the reasons why young Brits are heading to Portmeirion is less down to the fact that cult TV show The Prisoner was filmed there, and more because on a sunny day it looks like something from the Italian coast, and it’s a great way to freak out your friends if they think you’re off travelling the continent rather than much closer to home.

Festival Chaos

There are plenty of festivals to choose from in the UK, but if you want the ultimate in festival selfies, then you’re just going to have to go to Glastonbury. Iconic, massive, and with enough fun and debauchery to please everyone, you’re going to come back home with a million selfies. Some of them might even be usable (most will get the immediate delete).

If you’re bored of taking the same bed-bound selfie or you just want an excuse to get out and about, then these spots will bring a refreshing change to your Instagram and Facebook pics. Charge your phone, make sure you’ve got plenty of data, get out, and get snapping.


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