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Can the Region You Live in Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

The short answer to the question of whether or not the area you live in can affect your insurance premiums is yes, whatever type of insurance coverage you seek to arrange. When it comes to auto insurance in particular, the region you live in can affect your premiums in ways that might perhaps be a little different from what you’d ordinarily expect. If your car has been in a few fender benders, resulting in you needing to go to something like Auto Shop arvada specialists to sort it out, then that too will affect your insurance premiums, especially if you are the one who has caused the issue with your car.

You might find it interesting to learn that something like how good drivers generally are in that particular region, weigh very heavily, in addition, of course, to factors such as safety and security (how many auto thefts occur). If you are considering learning more about insurance and how such factors can affect your auto insurance premiums, then you might seek to do your bit to help make the general rates more competitive.

It all comes down to being a better driver, because at the end of the day insurers have to account for the risk associated with offering coverage for your automobile. This affects related markets as well, such as the rates you’d get if you sought to rent a car.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a vehicle and keep your premiums as low as you can possibly get them, or if you might be looking to rent a vehicle for something like a road-trip, etc, this is some information you can use to your advantage.

Comparing car rental prices and associated after-sales services, taking into account which UK region has the best drivers, for instance, could save you a tidy sum when you add things up over a period of something like a year. North East, Yorkshire & The Humber leads the way as the UK region with the best drivers, whereas the likes of the South East, London and the Midlands are on the other end of the spectrum.

This is probably not information which is readily available to the public, but if you were to analyse data around insurance premiums paid by residents of the likes of London and compare those with those paid by those from the South West, and North East, Yorkshire & The Humber, it would become quite clear that the region you live in does indeed have a rather direct affect on the premiums you’d be quoted.

Looking at it from the point of view of renting cars, the rentals would be slightly cheaper picked up in places such as Wales, South West and North East, Yorkshire & The Humber, as a direct result of the rental companies themselves being charged higher premiums to cover the cars they subsequently lease out.

What exactly does it mean though, to be a good driver?

Basically it comes down to obeying the rules of the road and being diligent in sticking to good driving practices, like how an impressive percentage of people (53%) in North East, Yorkshire & The Humber indicated to have never eaten, drank or smoked while driving. This is the highest percentage in the UK and, together with many other factors, definitely contributes towards auto insurance premiums in that area being lower than some other regions where drivers aren’t quite as obedient to the rules of the road.

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