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Career Ideas for Book Lovers and Writing Enthusiasts

For some people, there is nothing more appealing than spending each day with a book in their hand or sat at a desk writing out their creative ideas. Writing is an art which is only really understood by those with a true love for the written word, and though it is wonderful to enjoy reading and writing as a hobby, what do you do when you are in search of more? Thankfully, there are many different career opportunities for book lovers and writing enthusiasts than you might think; here are a few different examples of roles which you could get into if you are interested in working in this sector.

Working as a freelance writer

Working on a self-employed basis as a writer gives you the freedom to work in any capacity that suits you. There are a multitude of roles you could go into as a freelance writer, such as blogging, copywriting, content writing and independent journalism.

The perks of being able to work for yourself means you can make your own schedule, only accept roles which suit your abilities and lifestyle, and you get the added freedom of not having to work in a nine to five job answering to someone else. However, working for yourself also requires a lot more knowledge of legal requirements, such as submitting your tax information, and complying to the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Going into journalism

Compared to a reader who invests in a story and a novelist who creates their own, a journalist gets to experience the joy of always chasing a new story based on the latest events. Journalism can be a complicated role to get into, but it is one of those job opportunities that can become a fulfilling career for those who are successful at it. The easiest route to breaking into journalism requires you to get a bachelor’s degree in a relevant English-based subject: preferably majoring in journalism, though that is not always a necessity. Alternatively, a more difficult route would involve doing a lot of fieldwork and allowing your writing, and investigative ability, to help you work your way up the career ladder.

Become a librarian

What better career for someone who enjoys the written word than to be surrounded by shelves of books? Depending on the setting you intend to work in, being a librarian can be a rewarding choice for the person who would like to work with literature, whether that be academic literature in an educational setting, or both fiction and non-fiction in a community or private sector. To work in a higher education library, you often need to have a bachelor’s degree and a librarianship qualification, though this is not necessarily a requirement to work in community libraries.

Teaching the literary arts

Teaching is the perfect role to work in if you have an interest in sharing your appetite for the written word with others. There are a few different subjects that you could teach in which would facilitate your passion for reading and writing; such as teaching English literature and language or drama and theatre. Teaching is typically a full-time career, so further reading into the job role and consideration of the commitment it requires should be carried out before moving forward. However, it is fair to say that if you have enough passion for the subject, this could be the perfect career path for you.

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