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What Makes Hiring Easier in 2021?

Once upon a time, hiring was a straightforward exercise. You filled out an application, logged in your cover letter and qualifications and handed it over to a human. A human hired a human. Other human things happened. A hiring manager screened the applications and ...Read More

Multi-Functional Tech Accessories

With our smartphones so widely used today it’s rare to see people without one, and the tablet market is currently booming. However, like all tech products, gadgets and accessories aren’t as universally designed as they should be. There are plenty of gadgets available on ...Read More

Hosting an Event in Bristol

You have probably heard all about a plethora of things to do in Bristol, but did you know that you could bring the party to this iconic city and host your own event?  You don’t even have to be a resident but it certainly does help, so if ...Read More
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