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Could the Remote Work Lifestyle Shift to Location Independence?

The big lifestyle shift for many this past year has been to change to a remote working approach as businesses adjust how they handle their employees moving forward through the pandemic – whilst some of this change will only be temporary, HR Stats show that there will certainly be a huge number of workers making the shift permanent too. It has helped opened opportunities in flexible working for a huge number of people, but the change could also have a different impact as it could mean the further rise of location independent businesses too throughout the same period of time.

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Not all have been fortunate enough to be able to survive the pandemic period and there have been many businesses that have been forced to close. However the pandemic has also provided opportunities for other businesses to open and take their place, although they are not necessarily needed in the same way. For instance, the rise of things like remote working visas and increased connectivity by way of more stable rural internet connections, has resulted in a shift in recent years for many to turn towards location independent businesses. These are able to operate solely online and have been extremely successful. Even those that have been long rooted in the brick-and-mortar requirement through the likes of betting shops as hundreds are closing in favour of the big betting sites here that aren’t registered to initiatives like Gamstop – these examples are leading the way for others to follow with a blueprint on how to successfully launch online without the drawbacks that many face early on.

This is equally important for the small or individual run businesses too – different online platforms with the likes of Fiverr for example provide a base for freelance workers to work from without needing all of the knowledge that is required to get started out on your own, and this will be a route that many take moving forward to get their own location independent businesses set-up without jumping through many hoops – the biggest benefit to this will come for the travel industry once things start getting moving again, with no requirement to stay in one place there are many expecting an uptick in those loosing to explore different travel opportunities whilst working and take advantage of the growing number of these previously mentioned remote working visas.

There’s certainly going to be plenty to figure out with the change though, whilst not new it isn’t something that as been tried on the scale that some believe this will happen, and with uncertainty still existing for travel in the near future there certainly may be delays, but if you’ve been looking for opportunities to explore flexibility in working, and what the future that may hold.

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