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Famous Replicas Of Landmarks From Around The World

There are dozens of landmarks all around the world, from Paris’ Eiffel Tower to New York’s Statue of Liberty or Italy’s Tower Of Pisa. Most people know them by name, but what many do not know is that many of these iconic monuments have been replicated in other cities, and most of them aren’t great.

Leaning Tower Of Niles, Illinois

The Leaning Tower Of Niles is a copy of the famous landmark the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This fake monument can be found in Illinois in the United States and was built in 1934 by businessman Robert Ilg. The replica is half the size of the actual landmark and was made by Ilg as part of a recreation park for employees of his Ilg Hot Air Electric Ventilating Company.

However, many believe that the tower was created to celebrate the 600th birthday of the Tower of Pisa. Interestingly enough, Pisa, Italy, and Niles, Illinois, are both sister cities after a pact was established back in 1991.

Statue Of Liberty, Japan

The Statue of Liberty is arguably one of the most famous landmarks around the world, so it’s no wonder that it’s been replicated dozens of times in several countries. In fact, you can find replicas in Las Vegas, Norway and, our favourite, Japan.

This replica can be found in the area of Odaiba, a beach area in Tokyo. The statue, which is less than half the size of the real landmark, was temporarily moved from its home in Paris to Odaiba between 1998 and 1999 in commemoration of “The French Year in Japan”. Due to the replica’s popularity, a second permanent replica of Lady Liberty was erected in the same spot in 2000 and has remained there ever since.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Now, we’re cheating a little here, but we thought this gigantic hotel (And the entirety of Vegas) deserved a place here. Venice is most famous for its canals, and they’ve all been completely replicated at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Yep, you read that right; the Venetian Hotel has managed to replicate Venice’s canals including the gondolas.

If that isn’t enough, the hotel also has replicas of other Venetian landmarks including the Rialto Bridge, the Piazza San Marco, the Lion of Venice Column and more. It’s one of the largest casino resorts in the world, with over 4,000 rooms and a gigantic casino site filled with slot machines and table games. Although, if you’re just looking to gamble you can do so without the travel. Just hit up an online casino or a sister site and push your luck on-the-go.

Tower Bridge, China

China has dozens of replica landmarks, but none are more famous than the Tower Bridge replica in Suzhou, China. Although this landmark resembles the original closely, there are some major differences. Firstly, China’s replica features four 40-metre towers, while the actual Tower Bridge only features two. It also doesn’t feature a raising mechanism although it does cross a river and cars can safely use it.

As mentioned, China has dozens of other landmark replicas too, including the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower.

Parthenon, Tennessee

The Parthenon in Tennessee is a full-scale replica of Athens’ original landmark. The replica was built in 1897 by Confederate veteran William Crawford Smith for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. It’s thought that the model was built due to Nashville’s nickname as the “Athens of the South”.

The replica still stands today but is used as an art museum. It’s also been used in several films including 2010’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Inside the museum, you’ll find various art collections as well as a reproduction of the now-lost Athena Parthenos statue built by Alan LeQuire in 1990.

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