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How difficult is paddle boarding for beginners?

When approaching any new hobby, it can be difficult at first to find your footing depending on the activity. Whereas some are fairly basic and can be picked up more easily, others require more skill and practice to master. Paddle boarding definitely falls into the latter of these categories, as the fastest growing water sport in the UK, its popularity has increased and grown from strength-to-strength. Whilst the art of paddle boarding itself can be difficult for beginners, there are many stores/outlets in the UK which anyone can visit looking to get into the sport.

This blog will examine some of the challenges an individual new to paddle boarding might face and how they can be overcome so it doesn’t seem so daunting at the start. Different factors such as the variety of paddle boards which are out there, to some of the places you can go as a beginner to explore via the medium of your new hobby, keep on reading to find out a bit more!

 Handle with care

Being out on the water it is important you know your limits and have all the right equipment to be prepared such as a lifejacket. You may be a confident swimmer however when using paddle boards it comes with the territory that you will fall off! So therefore being in the water it is essential you do not push yourself too far or go into any areas which can put you in serious danger. As previously mentioned, going out with a guide or on a tour will be the best place to start your paddle boarding journey. Paddle boards are a great alternative to get out and explore some new areas. When looking for areas to explore, keep an eye out for those with steady tides that are easier to tackle for beginners.


Paddle boards come in all sorts of different lengths, so once you have gotten out there on the water and start to gain your footing, you can look to find the right one for you. Best advice similar to first starting is to speak to an expert or a friend who knows a lot about paddle boarding. But with plenty of options out there, you can’t go wrong with any paddle boards designed for beginners, as they are there to help you keep your balance and paddle away! As with any new sport you are unfamiliar with, the choices available can seem overwhelming especially if there is so much out there it can be a little off putting, but there are plenty of paddle board manufacturers out there that will sort you out with a great product.

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