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How often should you use Normatec recovery boots?

If compression therapy has come to your attention as something you’d like to take a closer look at, make sure to always consult with your doctor prior to commencing with any regime. Your doctor will be able to offer guidance in helping you figure out a plan that will be beneficial to you.

Chances are your G.P. or whichever other type of medical professional forms part of your competitive sports structure will give the go-ahead for you to use NormaTec recovery boots, as they have plenty of benefits for someone who is that active. So once they’ve formulated a plan for you, the next question which forms naturally is that of how often should you be using your NormaTec recovery boots?

How often should you use NormaTec boots for compression therapy?

When it comes to NormaTec, the recommendation is for them to be used before and after exercise. With varied intensity levels, sessions can last between 10 minutes to an hour, which naturally poses the new challenge of figuring out what works for you as an individual. It’ll all be worth it in the end though as you begin to reap the rewards of this great decision you made to invest in the use of NormaTec compression therapy.

As with anything which you are not quite familiar with, it is only natural for you to feel a bit sceptical. It’s every bit as normal to have doubts about methods and therapies you haven’t gone through before and had the experience of yourself.

Compression therapy is also known to be an effective treatment for venous leg ulcers (VLU). The conclusion was that taking proper care of wounds together with compression therapy will lead to the healing of small venous ulcers over a short period of time.

In addition to having a positive impact on health, NormaTec compression therapy is also being adopted by a growing number of professional athletes and sports teams. With the help of a personal trainer (such as this athletic personal trainer in Jacksonville), athletes can capitalize on the benefits of the therapy and integrate it into their training regimes.

Leg compression boots are on a path to becoming a standard tool for professional and competitive athletes as well as a general recovery tool. Leg compression boots lead the market on account of to their performance and the research behind their production.

Recovery is one of the top reasons behind people’s use of leg compression boots. Professional athletes use them after every single workout and game, which sets the precedent for the use of leg compression boots as a natural part of the pre-game warm-up and stretching and the post-game cooling down and recovery. So, in conclusion it would only be logical to suggest the use of NormaTec recovery boots before and after every game or training session of considerable intensity.

The development of this technology would not have made it this far if it wasn’t safe enough to use as frequently as is needed, but as mentioned, it’s important to make sure to consult with your team doctor if you’re a professional athlete or your G.P. if you’re any sort of competitive sportsperson.

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