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How Reviews Shape the Way People Choose Their Travel Agencies

Travel agencies help travellers to book flight and in some cases, assist in hotel reservations and planning of itineraries. Although many people have discovered that they could handle their travel plans by themselves, using travel agencies for the procurement of visas, flight and hotel is not something that would fade off soon. No wonder there are a plethora of agencies today that help people manage their travels. But how do people decide on who becomes their travel agent? These days, it’s all about an agent’s reputation through reviews.

Reviews allow travellers who have used a travel agent to give feedback about how their journey went with that agent. Of course, you can expect customers to air their opinions without fear or favour through this medium because in most cases, they have nothing to lose. It is this customer feedback on travel companies that shapes or determines how people make their choices of a travel agent.

A negative review by customers means that a travel agent may have low patronage. And some of the things that often cause negative reviews include refusal to listen to customers, display of incompetence in handling travel details, and poor knowledge of travel destinations, among several other reasons. When customers thus report these and other issues in their reviews, future clients will instead choose another agent. One way to combat this issue might be by hiring reputation management services that could look into how people view your business and make changes that can actually work in your favor.

But just as negative reviews can negatively impact a travel agency, positive ones can shoot up its fortune, too. Travel agencies that maintain cordial relationships with their clients and are honest in what they do will receive accolades and more patronage in like manner. Their satisfied customers will even be their mouthpiece and unpaid advertisers. Many people who may be sceptical about patronising them will be convinced to check them out.

What Travel Agencies Can do To Improve Their Reviews

Since reviews are essential in the success of any travel agency, it means owners of these agencies need to do something to keep their good names up. Here are a few things travel agencies can do to better their online reviews.

1.      Listen to Customers

Most of the bad reviews that travel agencies get are traceable to their unwillingness to listen to their clients. People have their reasons for travelling and what they expect to benefit from such. So, if agencies would listen more, they would earn more positive reviews

2.      Do their Homework Well

This homework is having a first-hand experience of the destinations that customers are heading to, and what challenges might likely come up. Consequently, they should make sure that adequate arrangements are in place to counteract these envisaged challenges.

3.      Proper Communication and Follow-Ups

Most negative reviews can be avoided if travel agencies will keep their clients informed as to possible disappointments. It’s terrible to let people down and not give them the reasons why. Also, when you take your relationship with customers deeper by asking how their journey was, and if they enjoyed their holidays, the chances that they would drop negative reviews would reduce.

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