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How to Decide if You Should Move or Renovate Your Home

Choosing to uproot your, and your family’s lives, by moving home can be a tricky decision to make. Knowing the exact reasons for your move isn’t always straightforward. In some cases, such as a new job with a long commute, it’s more likely that moving to a new house is the right choice for you. However, this isn’t always the case and sometimes a house move can be a source of regret in the future since the problem was perhaps not with the house and therefore not solved by a house move. Here are a few points to consider when weighing up the options of moving to a new home or staying put and renovating where you already live.


As mentioned above, a job or family matter that requires you to shift from your current location to somewhere further away is one of the simpler reasons people decide to sell their house and relocate. This isn’t necessarily the right decision for everyone, though. Moving is a stressful and expensive experience with lasting consequences, both positive and negative. Are you unhappy with your current neighbourhood? For what reasons? If you feel unsafe or disconnected from family and friends then maybe it is a good idea to move. In which case, you can read more about buying a house in a new location on various blog posts. However, perhaps you haven’t explored the local area enough to realise its appeal. Get to know your surroundings before choosing to leave.


If you’re feeling bored of your current living arrangements, discern whether or not this might be because you haven’t played with your environment for a while. Even a touch of new paint can liven up an old room. If you’d rather not renovate your entire home, choose one or two rooms to focus on. Beautiful bathrooms Letchworth is a great place to start and even this comparatively small change can make a big difference to how you feel about your home. Spending many years in the same place can grow tedious, so if you feel bored by your home then it might be cheaper and more fun to renovate instead of move.


It costs a lot of money to renovate a house. It also costs money to put your current home on the market, to pack your belongings and to move them somewhere new. Is your current rent or mortgage too expensive? If yes, moving to an area where your bills will impact your bank account less is a good idea. The initial costs of moving won’t match those you’ll face staying somewhere you can’t afford in the long term. If you love your current home and can afford to stay there, renovation is a one-time expenditure that will make your home feel like new.


Sometimes life throws surprises your way that impact your living situation. An unexpected baby, a new pet or a sudden illness can make your home unsuitable for its new purpose. Will it cost more to add features that make life easier or will moving home be a far more effective solution? Take the time to assess both options before spending money on either.

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