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How to feed your traveller’s soul when you can’t travel physically

Even the most frequent of travellers amongst us will go through somewhat of a dry spell when we either cannot travel due to a collection of certain reasons, or if you’re just taking a break. As sensible as it is to take that break every now and then, you still cannot help but long for the road.

Keeping it going with the sensibility and electing not to jump on a plane and fly away, how do you go about feeding your traveller’s soul when you have to stay put?

Use Google Earth

 If there are any applications that complete the same function as Google Earth then they probably aren’t as good as Google Earth. There’s probably an Apple equivalent of Google Earth, but as mentioned it would have been a lot more popular than it currently is if it was half as good as Google Earth. So what do you do with Google Earth? It doesn’t take all that much to figure it out, but if we have to spell it out then Google Earth will simply allow you to go anywhere on earth without leaving the comfort of your home.

Cue Street View and you can even visit some of the places you’ve physically been before and enjoy some nostalgia, or you can explore some of the places which you’re planning on visiting in the near future.

Not every single corner of the world has been included in Google Earth, with examples such as the Seychelles presenting the Google “Earther” with some flat terrains. That’s perfectly fine though, because it just makes for another reason to physically visit places such as those or revisit them if you’ve been there before and can attest to the fact that they are not represented on applications such as Google Earth.

Read travel blogs

 If you have a travel blog of your own then this is the perfect opportunity for you to go back  and re-read all the content that you wrote and relive some of the experiences in that way.  Otherwise it can be great and refreshing for you to check out some of the travel blogs of other bloggers and experience the destinations they’ve been to through their eyes. You might even learn a thing or two.

Watch travel vlogs

Travel vlogs make for one better then reading travel blogs, because then you can get a real-world view of exactly what the traveller was experiencing in the moment. It does deprive you of the opportunity to make use of your own imagination though, but it is indeed a great way to keep travelling without physically jumping on a plane and flying away.

Interact with people from abroad

 Keeping in touch with people you’ve met abroad is another great way for travellers to fee their wanderlust when you can’t physically travel. However, the best way to do it is with the likes of no deposit bonuses on platforms such as online casinos which you’d be enjoying with fellow travellers you clearly share a common interest with.

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