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How to Finally Kick the Smoking Habit and Get Healthier

Considering why people start smoking in the first place, one of the many unfortunate realities about picking up the habit is that it affects each of us differently. While your friend might be more prone to having their addictive personality effectively mean that they’ll be in for a lifelong battle against something like nicotine addiction, for you it might just be a matter of smoking affecting your health more severely than it does your friend. The point is it’s different for everyone, even though there are indeed some general effects which we can all point back to smoking as the course.

I’m pretty sure every single smoker who has suffered even the slightest negative effects of smoking has thought about quitting. Many have perhaps even tried it the traditional way of simply trying to stop altogether, while others might be frequenting an online vape store to see if they can’t approach it in a gradual manner.

Either way, the intent shown is sparked within you for a reason and even if it’s perhaps only on a subconscious level, it’s your body crying out for you to get healthier. So it might have been a very stubborn habit you’ve been trying to kick, but it’s possible.

The brute force approach – conducting recon

You’ll be lucky if this method works out for you, which I’ve already touched on. Although, chances are that if you’re reading up about FINALLY kicking the habit then this is definitely something you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked out for you. Of course I’m talking about the brute force approach, which is just resisting that next ciggie.

See how long you can go without smoking the next cigarette. If you’re lucky, you’ll realise that you weren’t as addicted as you might have thought you were. If not, then at the very least the exercise will help you determine the timeframe you have to work with between fags.

Going forward then, the aim will be to try and extend the time you can manage between smokes. If you commit to it and just add a single minute each time between smokes, eventually you’ll be able to go very long periods that incrementally evolve into FOREVER!

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you relapse. Just pick up where you left off and try and make a sustained effort.

Transitioning into a non-smoker

Some very good aids can be used to help you transition into a non-smoker, such as vape kits, with which you’d be transitioning into the next phase – from smoking to vaping. Obviously the ultimate goal is to quit smoking altogether, but switching from smoking to vaping sets the groundwork for this ultimate transformation and even if you spend the rest of your life vaping as opposed to smoking, the health benefits of that lifestyle change will start to kick-in, in no time. It’s much better for you. The exact same can be said about snus, as well. Snus is a moist powder smokeless tobacco product and can be consumed via pouches or loose, which is an authentic way of enjoying snus. Again, it is much better for you than smoking and can help you to transition into a non-smoker.

The psychology of addiction

At the core of what drives addiction to smoking is the psychology in general. What you’ll often find is that each of us has some addictive elements to our personalities, but some people just manage to find more constructive ways to feed that addiction. We’re talking here the likes of sports fanatics who are addicted to the effects of physical activity or competition over smoking, for instance. So if you can find something powerful enough to replace your smoking addiction with, that’s one way of helping you kick the habit, for good!

Addressing the craving triggers

With a sustained effort of doing something else in place of going out for your smoke break, that point at which you no longer have unbearable cravings can be arrived at within a very reasonable period of time. Try to address the actual triggers by taking note of those exact moments when the inclination to go out and have a smoke hit. If you can deal with those triggers differently, or eliminate them altogether, you’ll be well on your way to kicking the habit. If you’re really struggling to halt the cravings, allow your body some temporary reprieve. Instead of going out to smoke a cigarette, go out to vape or make your own cigarette using rolling papers and a joint filter. Vapes and homemade cigarettes, whilst not perfect, are much healthier for you than standard cigarettes, and you can satisfy your urge to go for a smoking break which is often just as addictive as nicotine can be.

Replacing the habit

With the transition of vaping forming part of the process, the ultimate aim is to replace the act of smoking with something else of greater significance. Don’t stop once you’ve managed to kick the habit, because your body will automatically want to find a way to replace the void-filler which is now effectively no longer in place. This is when it becomes easy to default.

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