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How to Improve Your Home Without Renovating

One of the fastest-growing categories on Instagram is currently home interior accounts, giving us all the home envy via a simple scroll. As well as being guilty of following numerous dream home accounts, you might be an avid ‘pinner’ on Pinterest too. It’s so easy for Pinterest to inspire us to want to keep modernizing our homes often.

Some people seem to be born ‘do-it-yourselfers,’ always working tirelessly on their home through updating or renovating. Let’s be honest: this isn’t always possible for those who don’t know the difference between a screwdriver and a piece of sandpaper.

Hiring a DIY professional can end up pricey, and renovations, in general, can take a lot of time. Below, we’ve rounded up some imaginative ways to improve our homes without ripping down walls or spending a fortune!

1. Open up the room 

Homes with spacious, open layouts always feels less cluttered and appear instantly more modern. Many new builds are being designed with as much large, open space as possible across the kitchen, family room, and dining room.

Making your home appear more open and airier can be easier than you think – even for those small homes. The first step is to replace any big, bulky furnishings, like chunky armchairs or tables. There are many Scandi-style slimline pieces available these days which look ultra-modern. Find a home retailer such as which has an extensive range of slimline stools, folding tables, or stacking tables that instantly free up room.

Another trick that gives the illusion of open space is to utilise mirrors wherever possible. Place mirrors opposite any windows and watch them bounce light around, visually creating more ‘space.’

2. Paint with neutrals

Homes that reflect the minimalist trend always look sleek and visually bigger than traditional homes with busy décor. Although it’s not as easy as physically moving into a more modern home, it’s surprising what a repaint can do.

If your home is filled with old wooden chairs, tables, or storage units, see if they can be painted. Wooden furniture that may be looking a little tired is brilliant for painting. Stick to fresh cream shades or bright whites to immediately give the furniture a new look. These muted, neutral color palettes often make rooms look fuss-free, and if you paint the rooms in these tones too, you’ll give your rooms a fresh blank canvas.

3. Update the lighting fixtures

A poorly lit room can appear dull and cramped. It’s amazing how a brightly lit room can suddenly look open and welcoming.

Fitted ceiling lights are a great way to add more light to a room. Once they have been fitted by professional Electricians in Alpharetta, or elsewhere, you will soon be able to walk into any room in your home knowing that it will be bright and not gloomy. Don’t forget that you can also shop around for floor and table lamps with modern features. These can instantly brighten up any dark corners. A stylish way to light up your dining room is by exposed bulb lamps which can hang from the ceiling as act as spotlights, which is another contemporary home trend.

4. Dress your windows

Windows areas can often get forgotten about, but they can easily be made into a focal point when paid attention to. Poorly decorated and unclean windows can make the room look dark and uninviting.

It sounds simple but try to keep your windows as clean as possible. Then, asses how best to dress them to suit your interior theme. Pretty curtains, stylish blinds or a vase of fresh flowers is sometimes all you need to give your window area a new lease of life.

The bottom line to consider is that cosmetic changes can get overlooked when it comes to home improvements. It’s fascinating how the smallest of updates can sometimes have the most significant impact on freshening up your home.

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