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How to make sure your serviced apartment is up together for the winter

The digital economy is making it easier now than ever to make money online, and many in full-time employment are starting to offer their homes as a way of fortifying their monthly income. Indeed many are seeing such success from entering the accommodation and catering industry that they are buying new properties and growing their own businesses.

One of the areas that have seen exponential growth in recent years is the world of serviced apartments. These are a different type of accommodation that takes the stress out of booking and provide luxurious amenities at a fair price. If you are considering starting up your own serviced apartment business, here are a few simple rules to abide by to make sure your apartment is well looked after.

  • Make sure its listing is well optimized

The first step to making sure your serviced apartment is ready for the winter rush is by ensuring that it is well optimized online. This concerns a myriad of factors like the Google My Business page and the listings on booking sites like Airbnb and Take plenty of photos and ensure you have a good description of the serviced apartment. This will help you to get as many booking as possible.

  • Make sure the apartment is cleaned and well maintained

Irrespective of the kind of accommodation you are providing, you should endeavour to keep it as clean as possible. In other words, everything from the floor and the windows to the couches (opt for couch cleaning here at Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning) and mattresses should be made spotless.

You would be surprised by the amount of serviced apartments out there that are poorly maintained. Refrain from being like them! Therefore, have it professionally deep cleaned every quarter depending on the vacancy rate and make sure all of the linens are fresh. If you live in a cold climate, make sure you have adequate fuel to keep your home warm at all times. Find a heating oil supplier that is similar to Bonded Oil Company in your area. The attention to detail you pay in maintaining your serviced apartment will pay off when you have happy guests.

  • Ask your guests for reviews after they have stayed at the apartment

Once you have developed a good listing for your serviced apartment and are keeping it well maintained it is time to ask your guests to leave a review. This can be done in person or through email but make sure you publish the reviews as this will create a positive feedback loop for the serviced apartment.

Follow the example of well looked after serviced apartments

Getting your serviced apartment right during the set up will help you manage the accommodation well going forward. Our advice is to spend some time staying in good quality serviced apartments; this will give you some good ideas for different things you can apply to your accommodation.

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