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How To Maximise Your Travel Blog

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have seen the rise of the travel blogger. Eye-catching shots of beaches, waterfalls, and mountain ranges have made subscribers and readers hungry for more inspiration shots and stories. Documenting travels appeals to many who want tips and advice on where to go and how to keep it within their budget. If you’re thinking of monetising your travel blog, what should you consider?

Get a marketing plan

In order to get revenue from ads, and generate a following, you can’t just keep your blog as a personal keepsake. You will need to formulate a marketing plan to promote not only your travel diaries but also your own personal brand. Using a PPC management agency to help you generate that much-needed revenue and structure is one of the best ways to formulate an effective plan, as the experts will have a hand in curating it.

Invest in a decent camera

Taking gorgeous pics on your iPhone? That’s nice, but you may need to upgrade. While smartphones have the same capability as most digital cameras, they just do not have the same functionality as a high-quality DSLR. Depth of colour, different exposure rates, and wide-angle panoramas can all be achieved with much more high-quality definition.

While Canon and Nikon are still many people’s favourite go-to cameras, Sony is currently producing brilliant cameras for travel, some of which are highly-recommended. It’s worth nothing, though, that if you prefer to have a display screen you may have to do without on some of their models.

Create some form of structure

Rather than bombarding your blog and social media platforms with random posts, try and create a structure. If you’ve travelled to East Asia in sporadic bursts, for example, create an ‘East Asia’ category on your blog. If you’re on one long journey through various countries, give your blogs a narrative structure. You’ll want to walk readers through longer trips and group other miscellaneous articles under helpful categories.

What’s your angle?

Why should people read your travel blog in particular? What is it about your personal angle that’s unique? Think about why you started travelling (outside of seeing more of the world) and try and condense your thoughts down into one profound reason. Drawing mind-maps and experimenting with different ideas is a great way of filtering out what you do and don’t want to do with your blog.

It’s also recommended that you do a bit of research first. As with any article pitch, you’ll want to try and make sure that no-one else has had your idea first. If there are already tonnes of blogs about parents or students who travel, how can you make your blog different? In terms of articles, it’s suggested that you try and seek out what people are searching for –what advice do people need?

Regardless of how much income you generate from your blog – write it because you enjoy it. What will motivate you to write regular entries and travel for the sake of research is your passion for doing so. Don’t start a blog because it’s trendy, start one because you have to satiate your urge to write.

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