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How to plan the best camping trip possible

When it comes to planning a trip away, one of the most memorable trips you can organize is a camping trip. No matter whether you’re planning a trip away for your young family or even a large group of friends, a camping trip always provides a unique way to spend some time with the ones you love. By taking away some of the usual things we do to entertain ourselves, like watching TV or even playing games consoles, it encourages people to find different ways to have fun that involve talking to each other a lot more. If the idea of spending some more quality time with those you love rather than some screen time staring at your smartphones and other devices, here’s some advice on how to plan the best camping trip possible.

Pick the best tent to stay in

It’ll probably come as no surprise, but the most important part of any camping trip is a tent. It’s the place that can keep you protected from the rain, from the wind, and even from the high-intensity sun if you go camping during a particularly hot time of the year. It’s also the place where you can get some privacy, keep your belongings safe, and of course get a good night’s sleep after a busy day of adventures. The idea of staying in a small, confined tent is also one of the reasons that the idea of a camping trip puts so many people off organizing one. When people think of a tent, they think of a very small structure that can often be difficult to do simple things in, like get changed or even get a good night’s sleep in. They’re often also seen as flimsy structures which might not fully protect you from high winds or even a heavy rainstorm. Anyone who has ever been camping before will know the feeling of accidentally brushing alongside the inside of the tent and feeling the water seep into your clothes. Tents such as rei quarter dome and similar others could be looked at if you would want to buy a sturdy yet lightweight tent for your camping adventures.

Luckily, a trip camping doesn’t have to mean a trip spent in these small and flimsy tents that many people imagine when a camping trip is suggested. Instead, why not consider finding a bell tent hire company to supply the accommodation for your next trip away. The most obvious difference between a traditional tent and a bell tent is the size of the structure. Instead of having barely any room for a couple of sleeping bags, these tents have room for two single beds or even a double bed. They also have ample room to store your belongings. As they’re much taller than a traditional tent, there’s also even room to stand up in the tent or take a seat in a chair whilst protected from the weather outside. They can even be fitted with things like carpet to make them feel truly luxurious. Whilst these features will make your stay a lot more comfortable, they take nothing away from the unique experience of getting closer to nature and to your loved ones that we’ve all come to love from a camping trip.

Plan some really memorable activities

Once you’ve got your accommodation sorted, it’s time to plan some great activities to make your trip truly memorable. As you’re so free to do exactly what you want, when you want on a camping holiday, it might be tempting to simply hire a tent and then decide what you want to do when you’ve pitched it. Whilst this might seem the way to go to get the most enjoyment out of your camping trip, it could mean that you’re missing out on some really exciting attractions that might be close by. If you turn up and find you either need to book tickets for an attraction in advance or needed to have brought specialist equipment to take part in a certain activity, it could mean that you’re simply unable to take part during this trip. Before you travel to any campsite, have a quick internet search to see what attractions are nearby so you can be fully prepared to make the most out of your time away.

Create an entertaining space around your tent

As well as making sure you have a comfortable home, it’s also important to make sure you bring things to make the outside of your tent an entertaining space. Think about bringing things that will help keep you comfortable, like a deck chair or an inflatable cushion, whilst sitting outside.

Also, think of what you can bring to provide heat and light so you can keep chatting to your friends outdoor late into the night.

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