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How Tote Bags are different to Paper Bags

Tote bags are very different from eco carrier bags. Although they perform a similar function, they visually are very different. As well as carrying items like any other bag, the tote bag gives more of a visual statement, as a blank canvas to compliment your outfit, or business’ products. Often, tote bags can be found in natural, black or white cotton, or developed to include branded printing, including the business logo. The size and visual appeal ensures the tote bag to be one of the most versatile bags you could buy. It’s environmentally friendly too!

Generally they can fit more items, due to the larger size they offer. With their durable cotton materials, users can be confident that their heavier items can be safely stored and carried in many situations. At the same time however, due to their foldable nature it’s possible to house smaller items, and then fold the cotton material around it. Very versatile! This simply isn’t possible with plastic and paper bags, the size needs to be discussed prior to ordering the desired bag.

Even better, if they are washed properly, the tote bag can last up to a whole year in comparison to a month, which is the standard usage rate for eco carrier bags. Or, you could go for stronger durability again with the canvas tote bag material.

There are disadvantages to using Tote Bags…

However, there are disadvantages to using tote bags. They can be a breeding ground for bacteria, due to the cotton material being used day in and day out. This is more likely to happen if you are going to be storing food, perhaps items for your grocery shop, including fruit and veg.

Safe to say, you are more likely to replace your tote bag after significant use, if this is the case. The good news is, if you are storing items for work or school over food, you are more likely to enjoy your tote bag for the longest life span possible. This is the case for most items away from bags, however.

Now the negatives are out the way… if you are to discard your cotton tote bag, you know it’s going to be done in the most sustainable way, supporting plastic pollution. This is the same case for eco carrier bags too, they are biodegradable and will decompose sustainably which is beneficial for the environment.

As an overview, if you are using cotton tote bags or eco carrier bags, you know they are far more sustainability friendly than single use plastic bags that have been with us since the 1980’s.

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