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How You Can Choose the Best Kind of Solar Panels for Your Property

The solar panel system has faithfully become a part of the English landscape, and more homes and properties in the United Kingdom are benefiting from a solar panel system as we write. The system comes with many advantages, not just in savings on utilities but also in potential earnings through government schemes. But if you have already decided that a solar panel system is a brilliant investment, you are facing more than a few choices ahead, one of which is the solar panels you select. There are various kinds out there, so how can you choose the best type of solar panels for your property? Here’s how.

Various factors come into play when it comes to your solar panel selection. Below are the most important ones: 

  • The cost 

Most property owners will likely think about the cost first when looking at solar panels, so what you should know is that the cost will depend on a few variables, including the Watt size, the actual size, the material quality, the solar panel brand, the warranty, and other certifications that come with the solar panel.

Whilst the cost is vital, it shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your solar panel decision. Remember that the cheapest panel will often be the most inefficient, and it may not be the best choice if you are looking for an investment for the long term. 

  • The quality

The quality of your solar panels will depend on how they are manufactured plus the quality of the panel materials. Various manufacturers produce panels with differences in price, efficiency, and quality.  When you are trying to choose a manufacturer, consider their history and check reviews from clients. It’s worth considering the manufacturer’s customer service as well. 

  • The size 

You should consider both the actual size of the panel and its Watt size, but you should also make sure that the system size you choose is capable of producing enough power for your needs. Think about your available roof space and whether or not the roof will be able to hold the weight of the panels. There is a solution for this, however, and these are integrated solar panels, which can replace your roof tiles or slates and essentially become your solar panel roof. Integrated or in-roof panels are a better choice if you have a new build or are undergoing a renovation. 

Going back to the size – when you consider the Watt size, it’s best not to underestimate or overestimate. If you underestimate, your system may not produce enough energy for your needs, but if you overestimate, you may end up spending more on the system than you realistically require. 

  • The warranty and durability 

 The standard warranty for solar panels from most manufacturers is 25 years. But if the solar panel manufacturer doesn’t offer 25 years, it could be that their panels are not the best quality and they are trying to avoid taking responsibility. Even if a solar panel price seems tempting, be careful with your choice because you may end up regretting it in the long run. Proper maintenance is also essential to prolong your solar panels’ lifespan, and the good news is they’re not problematic to maintain and are easy to clean.  

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