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Is a Studio Serviced Apartment Right For Your Business Trip?

As working professionals we often find ourselves hopping from city to city for meetings, business trips, and conferences. Finding the right accommodation for your trip can be challenging; you will want to keep it affordable but equally the idea of slumming it in your business dress may not seem too appealing.

If you go with a serviced apartment you will be staying in accommodation that takes away the stress of travel by taking care of laundry, cleaning and in some cases cooking.

Central Serviced Apartments Will Help You Get Around the City  

If you are visiting a city like Bristol or London for work then you may find yourself needing to get to different points of the city in quick succession. Finding the right serviced apartment that is centrally located will give you access to the best transport links which will take the stress out of your travel.

They are spread throughout many different cities

Another great thing about serviced apartments is they are very popular amongst developers and guests. This makes them easy to find and book throughout many of the different business hubs of the world.

They are easy to book         

Leading on from the previous point, serviced apartments are also brilliantly simple to book online. Finding a reputable company that offers great serviced apartments is easy through various comparisons and search websites.

You get more space than a hotel room

Staying in hotel can be pleasant however if you are on a business stay with multiple people it may be best to opt for a serviced apartment. This will create more community feel between you and your colleagues. If you have to work it also makes collaboration easier if you are all staying within the same complex.

Standard ‘Housekeeping’ is performed for you

One thing that may be putting you off booking a serviced apartment is the idea of needing to complete housekeeping tasks during your stay. However, you can rest assured that if you go with a good serviced apartment provider you will have all of this taken care of you. Even if you can’t find one that provides housekeeping, you could always just hire maids from a nearby area. There are apps and websites in almost every city or country these days that let you hire cleaning services for a brief period. This would solve any housekeeping worries you might have while going on a business trip.

They are great for Both Long and Short Term Stays

You may think that to get the best value out of serviced apartments you will need to stay in them for an extended period of time. Whilst this may be true for some providers there are still properties on the market that cater to short term business trips.

Find the right Serviced Apartment for You

If you find yourself in need of a serviced apartment in Bristol for a business trip the newly refurbished flats at Beech House could be the perfect option for you. The central location of Clifton means all transport links will be available to you during your stay in the serviced apartment.

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