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Mature Student Accommodation

As someone who has had a stint as what would be referred to as a mature student, I’ve come up with some pointers that popped up as forming part of what makes up the ideal elements to accommodate the needs of a typically older student. Merely a few years on and your foray back into the academic world is commendable enough, but the reality is that you’re no spring chicken at this stage.

As a result, having to deal with them with no alternative would make for the worst time to find out that you simply cannot shut out the noise of other students who seem to have a talent for finding the worst of times to make that noise, neither can you wear yourself out merely studying to manage to fall asleep in spite of all the noise!

‘The system’ is fortunately all too aware of this, which is why student accommodation has the sub-class referred to as “mature student accommodation.” Some of the official, on-campus (or close by) student residences do indeed cater specifically to mature students who naturally have different needs, with the mainstream student accommodation set aside to form part of all the peripheral student life elements also coming to the party by setting an age restriction.

So you could be an honours or masters student, but by mere virtue of your age, you would be disqualified for the allocation of a place at any one of the official student residence houses.

So what are the options then, apart from that student accommodation which is expressly earmarked for older students?

Look, just because you’re going back to living somewhat the life of a student, as a mature student that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re broke and have to make do with slumming it out. If anything you cannot afford to scrimp on your accommodation because unless you plan on a majority of late nights coming home from studying at the campus library’s study room, you want your living space to be as conducive to studying as it is comfortable to live in.

You’re probably not going to spend as much of your time partying it up out either, so you want to be able to enjoy a relatively comfortable living space in which you’re likely going to spend a lot of your time in. Hey, one or more significant figures in your personal life might be coming along on the journey with you as well, in which case the consideration goes beyond just having a place to lay your head at night, following hours upon hours of attending classes and studying in between.

Basically what it comes down to is looking beyond the typical options synonymous with what student accommodation is, so you might be looking at the likes of serviced apartments which you can rent long term over trying to fight for a spot at an official campus residence of your college or university.

Serviced apartments don’t even have to be located in the traditional places, like how you might find a great place in a quieter suburb of the city your university is located in.

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