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Mobile Phone or PC: Which Is Best for Gaming?

There are plenty of different video games consoles available on the market, from home consoles like Sony’s PlayStation series (of which the PS5 was recently released), Microsoft’s Xbox series, and Nintendo’s Switch, to handheld consoles like the PS Vita and Nintendo’s Switch (again!).

However, many gamers do not want to fork out for a new games console when they already probably own a mobile phone and a PC/laptop, both of which can play video games! Mobiles can also run games of yesteryear, using something like nintendo emulators for iphone – being able to relive retro gaming memories on a convenient, handheld device is one of the advantages of going mobile. But which is better for gaming overall – a PC or a smartphone? There are advantages and disadvantages of either choice, and we will look at them in this guide.

The Advantages of Mobile Gaming

Playing video games on your smartphone has a number of advantages over playing them on your PC or laptop. One of the main advantages is that a mobile phone is fully portable, and you can carry it around in your pocket everywhere you go. It is quick to load, so if you want to kill 5 minutes in a waiting room or on a bus to work, mobile gaming is the easiest solution. The Android and Apple app stores both feature a huge range of different games available – some free and some paid. Even the paid games are almost always cheaper than a new PC video game title. Mobile gaming is also particularly convenient for online casino games, and there are offers such as the Unibet mobile bonus to take advantage of.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has one notable disadvantage wen compared to PC gaming. While the processors of phones are getting better and better as time goes by, they are still nowhere near the capabilities of a dedicated gaming PC. The games themselves are also usually much simpler than those on PC.

The Advantages of PC Gaming

PC gaming has long been the choice for the more discerning gamer. If you are looking for high performance, a huge range of games to choose from, from action titles to simulators to strategy games, the PC is a great platform. Compared to home consoles, PCs allow more customization of components, an increase in ability to use modding, and games that are generally cheaper than the same title on a home console. Game libraries such as Valve’s Steam, Google’s Stadia, and EA’s Origin allow access to an unparalleled selection that will please even the most hardcore gamer. With the right knowledge PC also has the ability to emulate another console as well, allowing a gamer to run something such as a ps1 bios in order to play Playstation 1 games on their PC via mouse and keyboard.

The Disadvantages of PC Gaming

PC gaming does have some disadvantages. It requires a level of technical knowledge that mobile or console gaming does not, and although PC games are usually cheaper than console games, the upfront cost of a high-quality PC is usually significant. Unlike with mobile gaming, you cannot play PC games anywhere you choose! Even with a laptop rather than a desktop PC, it is not always convenient to play just for a few minutes on the bus.

There is a middle ground between mobile gaming and PC gaming – using a tablet. Tablets like the iPad or Microsoft’s Surface allow you to play most of the same apps as smartphones, some of the same games as PCs, and are portable yet have a decent-sized screen!

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