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Moving House Checklist

Moving house and shifting localities, it’s something we all dread yet most of us have to go through it at some point in our lives, perhaps several times. Moving into a new place requires a lot of planning and physical labor. Whether you are up-sizing, downsizing or moving continents apart, you need to focus on everything for best moving. Also, if it’s too much or you’re busy, you can use removal companies for that too.


Below, we have come up with a complete list of all the useful information that will make the whole process less tiring and less time consuming. Let’s start: 1: 2-3 Months Before Moving Having found your next dream space and after finally negotiating rental plans, its time you start the tedious process of packing your stuff up.  Start finding a good solicitor to help ensure all the legal proceedings are in place for a smoother shift.
  1. Hire a mortgage expert.
  2. Get updated information about the facilities and benefits of your new locality.
  1. Sort out the children’s school transfers well in advance.
  1. Have your existing assets evaluated to score an eligibility in a good insurance plan that can perhaps lessen your burden of moving out.
  1. Maintain a folder with all the legal documentation and the important contact no’s that might come in handy throughout your shifting process.


2: A Month Before Moving
  1. You should ideally come up with a packing list and paste it somewhere where it can be regularly followed.
  1. Prepare and agree for your moving routes such as low weightage areas and low bridges.
  1. Seek storage facilities if needed.
  1. Make sure to get your new home cleaned and prepped up before the move.
  1. Hire skilled labor to fix or replace any furniture pieces.
  1. Inform your local utility companies about your move.


3: 7 Days Before The Move
  1. In the last days of your move, you should ideally be completing your final preps and organize vital documents so that you don’t lose them during the shift.
  1. Keep your insurance papers, driver’s license, house/vehicle ownership papers, pieces of jewelry or cash in a safe storage box.
  1. Label all your packing boxes to avoid any unnecessary confusion on the big day.
  1. Defrost and dry your fridges and freezers before attempting to move them.
  1. Inform your contacts and the postal department of your new postal address for mail rerouting services.
  1. Wash, dry clean and iron all your clothing and linen pieces to ensure a safe and hassle free move.
  1. Always keep back up cash for unforeseen emergencies and don’t overspend on the move.
4: On the Day of Your Move
  1. Carefully observe around the house whether you have missed something or not.
  1. Essentials like your toiletries, wash bag, hygiene products should be packed separately in case of emergencies.
  1. Ensure that your communication devices are fully charged and ready to go.
5: The Big Day
  1. Have a backup copy of all the important documents like utility bills, insurance papers and house ownership papers.
  1. Label and arrange for the easy transport of all fragile items.
  1. Never leave an extra handset of keys.
  1. Shut down all the necessary utilities and remove the plugs from the sockets.


6: In the New House
  1. Ensure that all the doors and locks are functional. Look for possible signs of damage.
  1. Immediately inform your friends and family of your new location.
  1. Inform your current location and status to the moving company.
  1. Keep your record of necessary documents in handy.
Again, it’s a good idea to hire a man with a van service for a less hectic move.
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