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Multi-Functional Tech Accessories

With our smartphones so widely used today, it’s rare to see people without one, and the tablet market is currently booming. However, like all tech products, gadgets and accessories aren’t as universally designed as they should be. There are plenty of gadgets available on the market, but not all will be suitable for a range of purposes. We’ve sorted through the wide variety of gadgets available and put together a list of multi-purpose tech accessories you can easily wear or use throughout the day. For instance, you can get accessories like a smartwatch charging stand, metal bands with magnetic lock, watch case and cover, etc that you can purchase from sites like Mobile Mob or through local sellers.

Apple Watch Sport Watch Cases

First, let’s look at the heart of any tech accessory. This is the issue with the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. While there’s nothing wrong with this watch, and I can confidently say that the Apple Watch is incredibly beautiful and extremely functional, this watch is not a fitness device.

It’s a gorgeous, beautifully designed device with incredible functionality, but it is not designed to replace any fitness devices. The battery life is not great and the design makes it too bulky to be used as a tracker. The best, and only, exercise device for the Apple Watch Sport is probably the Fitbit Flex 2, but it’s still a touch on the big size and there’s no USB port to charge it when it runs out of juice.

So if the Apple Watch is not a fitness device, what are its best uses? Well, it does everything else brilliantly. I’ve used it for tracking my sleep, my runs, and looking at my emails and text messages, and the design is amazing. It has lots of practical uses, as well as its pretty great looks. The technology it uses makes it supremely useful, and it’s useful for lots of situations you can think of. It can track your activity, keep your phone charged and alert you to calls, notifications and directions. There’s no need to charge it overnight when you’re just about to go out, and it’s incredibly versatile.

EMF Apple Watch Band

Unfortunately, like all Apple devices, the Apple Watch Sport is heavily taxed by the high prices of the accessories and you could unknowingly be subjecting yourself to radiation from apple watch usage.

So for its many functions, perhaps the most important one of protecting you doesn’t come with the device from the factory, requiring you to purchase an EMF watch band.

If you’re willing to spend more than 500 on your Apple Watch Sport then it’s the only way you can get a fully functional multi-function device. The Sport Watch, and its bigger sibling, the Apple Watch Edition, are designed for professional athletes, and then also for normal people that want to wear their tech gadgets wherever they go.

Get Multi-Functional Tech Accessories

Why not put a multi-function device in your pocket with a multi-function phone case? Apple is also rolling out a wide range of iPhone and iPad cases that offer all kinds of useful features, but there are still more than a few multi-functional tech accessories that should be on the market. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a lot of products and accessories made in the past, but there are many more companies making great products out there, and some have seriously improved over time and deserve wider attention.

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