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Must-dos for the first trip with newborns

Preparing for a trip can be challenging. There are numerous things to do and elements to consider, like the location of the trip and the weather. Preparing to travel with a newborn can be extra challenging because you have extra elements to consider, like baby vests and clothing. Below is a guide for going on the first trip with a newborn.

Pack appropriately

When preparing or planning a trip with your newborn, the first thing you must do is pack appropriately. You can start by creating a packing list. The list should include every newborn baby item you need for the trip. Below are some things that should be included in the list;


Your baby needs the appropriate clothing, depending on the trip’s location and its weather. Below are some must-have newborn baby clothing;

• Onesies- regardless of the location and weather, your newborn would benefit from a couple of onesies during the trip. They will keep him warm and comfortable throughout.

• Footsies- this is a pair of pants with socks attached to them. They eliminate the need for conventional socks

• Baby vests – your baby will also need several vests to wear underneath their onesies or shirts.

• Pants and shirts- your newborn will also need several pairs of pants and shirts for the trip

• Jumpers and sweaters- a newborn baby needs to keep warm at all times as they are highly sensitive. Therefore, jumpers and sweaters are must-haves.

• Socks and hats- these articles will also come in handy for your trip.


You will also need to pack a toiletry bag for your baby. It should include baby soap, cotton swabs, lotion or oil, towels, wipes, and diapers. You must ensure to carry enough diapers, depending on the duration of your trip.

Do not forget to pack for yourself

When going for the first trip with a newborn, many first-time parents focus too much on their kids and forget about themselves. When packing, do not forget about your clothes and personal effects items. While making a packing list for your baby, you must take time to do the same for yourself.

Start your preparations early

The easiest way to forget carrying important things when traveling with a newborn is to do things last. It would be wise to start the preparations early, so you have enough time to get everything in order. Doing this will also ensure that you do not forget important things, as you can always add to your packing list as you remember them. Early preparation will also allow you to research and determine everything you need.

Always consider the location and duration of the trip

When packing or preparing for your trip, it would be wise to consider the duration and location of your trip. The trip’s duration will determine how many personal effects you need. On the other hand, the location will determine the items you carry. For instance, if you visit a beach location, you will need beachwear in your packing list.

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The guide above will help you ensure a great trip with your newborn. The hardest thing about traveling with a newborn is packing. Once you have efficiently packed, you can go through the trip efficiently.

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