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Patio and Outdoor Furniture Care

Chosen wisely and sourced from a reputable supplier, your patio furniture can last a long time, making for the centrepiece of your anticipated outdoor experiences. However, as durable as it would indicatively be built, patio furniture still requires a little bit more care than that what you’d give to your regular furniture.

It is typically more exposed to the elements and so naturally it would never be a simple matter of just placing it and perhaps dusting it off once in a while. You want your outside area to look nice, maybe you’ve had a recent renovation, click here for more information on how to get that done, so you need your furniture to reflect that new and fresh look for you to enjoy being outside.

Taking inspiration from how the commercial dining establishments do it

Part of what goes into the making of the experience of visiting your favourite dining spot a professional one is its choice of ambient and main pieces such as the outdoor furniture they might have available for al fresco dining. You wouldn’t notice it until you’re compelled to take a much closer look, but otherwise looking at these commercial dining establishments for inspiration would naturally go beyond just the consideration of styling.

The decision you subsequently make to go with something like an extendible, deluxe teak outdoor table and chair set, would have had you taking into account the durability of the set, as a result of drawing inspiration from something like a commercial dining establishment. You would have made provision for the quality element by default, along with the styling.

Heed of the product-specific care guidelines

Now, moving onto the actual care of the furniture pieces; even the most durable and high-quality of patio furniture needs to be properly cared for, in a rather specific manner too. There are indeed some general guidelines which you’d do well to at the very least follow, such as how you would do well to place the piece undercover.

You would also need to apply some protective coating along with cleaning the furniture regularly. However, every patio furniture piece would naturally come with a set of product-care guidelines more specifically formulated for that piece. So never disregard these specific guidelines if they do indeed exist.

That said though, they are indeed mere guidelines, so adhering to them doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to apply any additional care.

Cover them up

Outdoor furniture will always be exposed to the elements, but if you can minimise that exposure during the winter months, your furniture will last much longer. The best way to do this is by keeping the pieces under a porch or veranda, or by storing them away in a shed, garage or extra large outdoor storage boxes until the next spring. At the very least, you should drape a waterproof cover over as much as you can to prevent as much damp from penetrating as possible.

Something as simple as limiting direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays can quite surprisingly extend the lifespan of any make of your patio furniture.

Protect proactively

Operating within the manufacturer’s guidelines, specific patio-furniture pieces should be sealed with a protective coating, like paint or varnish, such as wooden furniture. This can also give the furniture an enhanced appearance. Ultimately though it’s about protecting the outermost surface. Make sure to apply enough of any sealant you choose to hard-to-reach areas. Try getting the job done evenly to ensure everything dries up at round about the same time.

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