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Portafina Creates Opportunities for Aspiring Finance Professionals

2018 has been an incredible year of growth for businesses across the country, but one business in particular has been making waves throughout the Kent area, and the UK in general: Portafina. The expert pension specialists have truly gone from strength to strength over the past year, appealing to the masses with their easily accessible, always available financial advice.

This year not only has Portafina appeared once in a coveted spot on the prestigious Financial Times Future 100, but it is selected for different accolades on three renowned platforms, a fantastic achievement for a business which only launched in 2009.

Firstly, they were named in the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Businesses in Kent, in a list that was composed by the KM Media Group. KM Media Group has delivered entertainment and breaking news to Kent for over 150 years. Their list carefully analyses 50 fastest-growing privately owned companies to determine who has made their mark in the country over the year. Their decision is made based on three crucial factors: business growth, turnover today, turnover three years ago and profit/loss.

Aside from being amongst the top 50 fastest growing businesses in Kent, Portafina expertly beat renowned competition, such as G K R Logistics and Pro-Force. Upon receiving the place on the list, Portafina expects to see further growth within the company in the coming years.

Portafina is also featured in the Financial Times Future 100. This highly sought-after place was awarded as a result of the company being able to show that they had made a significant impact in regards to society, the environment, diversity, as well as technology. While technology helps the company go one step further, what truly sets Portafina apart from their competition is their continued drive to go above and beyond for every customer. They strive to go to exceptional lengths to ensure every client is treated fairly. Portafina’s commitment to keeping things simple, with a frank, friendly approach, is one of the important reasons why clients return time after time, and how they secure so many new clients.

However, not only have they been named in the FT Future 100 list, but the FT Adviser has selected the company amongst the Top 100 Financial Advisers Rankings. It’s an impressive accolade, which highlights exactly how far the company has come from their launch back in 2009. Understandably, the talented team at Portafina are incredibly proud of their achievements, with Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director saying:

“Being presented with three major awards in 2018 is actually quite hard to take in. We are looking forward to seeing where 2019 takes us.”

What’s next?

Due to the continued growth and development of Portafina, the company is looking to give back to their clients. For this reason, they now have a dedicated website to help people who are interested in pursuing a career in finance and want to learn more about how they work as an organisation. As a company, Portafina’s core factor to their hiring policy is one thing: helping other people. The right attitude and a positive mindset are crucial, and Portafina believes it’s the key to success. Therefore, for those wanting to jump into this exciting company, you can visit Portafina’s new job site today.

There’s never been a better time to join this incredible company who are paving the way towards future success. For more information, follow Portafina on their social channels including the Portafina Facebook page to find out how you can get your finances in shape for the future. Additionally, visit the Portafina Linked In, Portafina Youtube, or follow @Portafina UK on Twitter.

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