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Preparing Your Home For Winter Months

Well, you definitely need to do some good preparations when winter is round the corner to keep yourself and your family warm and safe if you are living in Northeast or Midwest sides. There will be heavy and warm clothes, long boots, gloves, central heating systems, fear of catching cold and severe weather conditions are normal in these areas during winter. And of course, if there will be winter storm which often come as a surprise anytime can cause severe disruption in your daily life and day to day work. So, winter preparation is a must thing to do before it arrives to welcome you wholeheartedly.


Tips for Winter Preparation

  1. It is a good option to go for an insulated blanket to cover your hot water heaters. This will keep it safe from cold atmosphere and provide adequate heating inside your house. As otherwise it can ultimately damage your system and you will need a new replacement soon for your house. You could learn more here!
  2. Turn on the reverse switch of your ceiling fan if you have one when your heater is also running. This is very helpful in winters when the fan blades run in clockwise direction which will produce an updraft and push the heater air down in the room. This also saves energy as you can also turn down your heater by a degree or two. If your ceiling fan is not working and you need a new installation, you may want to check out websites such as to see how they can be of service, or check your local area for electricians that can assist.
  3. Try to avoid ice dams as much as possible by ventilating your attic already in advance. You can also insulate the attic floor or have a water repellant membrane installed under your roof covering.
  4. Scan your roof properly to look for the possible leaks and damaged shingles. Make sure to get them repaired before you hit the winter as it can bring you in a miserable situation like having to replace your entire roof! If you do face this unfortunate situation, you could contact experts like the ones at Precision Roof Crafters (check them out here) and similar others for a solution to your roofing problems. Also, make sure to blow off the pine needles and fall leaves if you have a flat surfaced roof with pebbles and asphalt as these things may hold moisture for a long time.
  5. Gutters cleaning is of course another very common yet important factor to prevent roof damages, leaks and ice dams.
  6. Make sure to turn off all the exterior faucets including all garden hoses. Also, don’t forget to drain the remaining water from faucets as it may freeze inside the pipelines which may burst later when the ice expands.
  7. Clean and store your lawn equipment by removing remaining fuel and sharpening the blades. Also, it is better to mow your leaves than raking them as it will cut the leaves into dime sized pieces in dry condition resulting in falling off among the grass blades where those pieces can decompose and nourish your garden over the winter season.
  8. Don’t forget to keep your cabinet doors open for a while to allow warm air to circulate into the pipes during cold spells. It is especially important for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  9. Keep your duct closed when it is not in use if you have a fireplace at your home.
  10. If everything fails, go for central heating and check out combi boiler prices to make a better decision.
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