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Serviced apartments vs. hotel stays

For years, serviced apartments have been the ‘go-to’ temporary accommodation for business travellers, and with good reason.

For staycations of just one or two nights some people may prefer to book a hotel, as serviced have often been viewed as the go-to option for business trips (say, if you had bought into something like the best in home healthcare franchise and needed to travel to receive your training or observe another facility to see what goes into running the business) rather than social visits. However, serviced apartments are fast becoming a more cost-effective and spacious choice for solo travellers, couples, and families alike.

So what do you get with a serviced apartment?


The most obvious advantage of a serviced apartment is the extra space you can get for a more affordable price.

On average, a serviced apartment has 30% more space than the equivalent hotel room, and a lot of the time a one-bedroom apartment will cost the same as a regular hotel room

In a serviced apartment you can have space to sleep, eat, entertain and live! This gives serviced apartments a more relaxed and homely feel.


If you’re staying somewhere for a week, a month or six months, then eating out every night is neither cost effective nor overly healthy and constant room service can quickly get boring.

In a serviced apartment, you will have a fully equipped kitchen with pots, pans, utensils, cutlery and crockery included so that you can make your favourite meals whenever you like and eat to your own schedule. In addition to a well-equipped kitchen, many apartments will have a washing machine and drier for your laundry as well as a dishwasher for quick tidying up!

Most serviced apartments also have free Wi-Fi and parking facilities onsite too, alongside other benefits such as coffee machines and entertainment options. Nowadays, they may even offer relaxing lounge areas with Self Serve Beer machines or Wine Dispenser machines for drinks after a long day.


In a serviced apartment, the fact is you’ll always benefit from more privacy than a hotel. Some serviced apartments such as those in an Aparthotel will have onsite staff, but there are options that are standalone with no onsite staff until the cleaners pop round to give the place a bit of a once over.

Better cost

So, how much more expensive is a serviced apartment than a hotel?

Well, in some cases a serviced apartment is more likely to save you money. However, what’s different is that serviced apartments are more often than not dynamically priced depending on the length of your stay, which makes it an ideal choice for longer trips as the price is likely to be reduced for extended stays.

We’ve looked at a few of the many benefits of staying in a serviced apartment. When planning your next city break, why not explore the option of a serviced apartment and try it out for yourself!

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