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Six Holiday Essentials to Buy Before You Fly

Holidays make for some of the sweetest rewards for your hard work, spending your hard-earned money on some of the most amazing experiences available around the world. In order to live these occasions to the fullest, it’s crucial that you pack well for the adventures that lie in store. Whether you’re planning on skydiving over New Zealand or island-hopping in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, these are the six absolute must-have extras to add to your suitcase that’ll make your holiday that little bit more amazing.

  • Portable Speakers 

The world of portable speakers has become a whole lot more high-tech and well-developed in recent years, to the point at which you can enjoy high-quality music on a speaker smaller than your fist, that’ll take up virtually no room in your baggage. For any long nights by the pool or lounging days on the beach, triumphant mountain-toppings or serene sailings, a little music in the background can be the cherry on the cake.

  • Books or Puzzles 

You’ll also be glad to have something to keep you occupied on long bus journeys, in waiting rooms, or simply when you’ve not got the energy to go out and explore. A book or a puzzle of some kind will be a welcome addition to your baggage. It’s something you can enjoy for the comfort of your hotel room, when you’re relaxing by the pool, or even merely on the long flight home.

  • Battery Packs 

An absolute godsend for those who’re frequently using their phones to update their friends and family about their adventures, the rechargeable battery pack allows you to give your devices that extra bit of juice without needing to visit a charging terminal from the mains. These little friends can really save you from a worrying lack of battery when, for instance, your reservation details or downloaded maps would otherwise be stuck on an uncharged phone.

  • Glasses and Sunnies 

It’s especially crucial for those who wear glasses to be well-prepared in the eyewear department on their travels. If your trip is along more adventurous lines, then you might want to browse for and buy a new stylish pair of womens glasses at Mister Spex before you fly. The same of course goes for prescription sunglasses. They are an absolute must if you’re to visit somewhere warm and sunny.

  • A Guide Book 

While there’s now the indispensable online resources like TripAdvisor to help you plan the activities on your trip, you can still never go wrong with a guidebook. It’ll be a worthwhile investment if you’re planning a trip that’s attempting to cram as much into each day as possible. With maps, local tips and a little of the native language supplied in a handy booklet; you’ll be better able to extract what you want from your time abroad.

  • A Camera 

There are so many different types of camera nowadays that it can be difficult to choose what to document your trip with. Whether you’re a fan of analogue, a digital photographer, someone who likes to Instagram from their phone, or an individual who’s excited to strap on their GoPro for some white-water rafting, make sure you’ve got the right kit to capture the memories from your trip.

These six essentials will serve you well on your next holiday, helping you make the most of your time away. No matter what you’re buying in preparation for your holiday make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal for it. Whenever you’re making a purchase, especially if it’s a particularly expensive item, make sure you’re using price comparison sites like Only Reviews and seeing if you’re getting the best rated brand at the best possible price. This is the best way to free up extra spends for your precious ventures away, and making sure that you’re getting the most out of your time! Happy holidaying!

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