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Super storage ideas for small homes with kids

Did you know it is possible to have kids and a tidy house? And it is not magic either! The secret lies in implementing some cool storage solutions where your kids will be able to easily pick and keep their toys when playtime is over.

While you might want to keep your kids’ toys reachable to them (so they don’t disturb you every time they want to play), it would be a good idea to keep some of them a little unreachable, maybe by hanging them at a height. This trick can be used as a way of positive reinforcement; you can reward them with these toys only when they behave well or achieve something. If you choose to do so and want some ideas to hang them, you can find out some online. Moreover, choosing to hang any items would also save some of your storage space, making it applicable for other areas as well.

On that note, we have rounded up 7 genius storage solutions from experts to guide you the way. Use these storage hacks and keep clutter at bay.

1. Use transparent boxes for easy visibility.

Transparent boxes are the best in storing your child’s toys and almost everything else. Fill them with clothes, shoes, or toys and then pile them up to create more space in your room. To keep it convenient for your kids, pack their staff with their reach, preferably at the bottom since they will be sure to use them all day long.

2. Use shoe organizers for storage.

Big toys and other children’s staff can be stored upright in various shoe organizers. All you have to do is hung them at the back of a door or any other place of your preference. However, keep in mind to fix them within your kid’s reach. Also, they are ideal for shoe storage too!

3. Beds with storage space underneath.

Beds usually take a lot of space in our rooms. With children, it is even worse. Fortunately, you can opt for a bed that has storage space underneath. This way, you will have extra drawers of safe storage for toys, clothes, and other child’s essential items, without having to purchase more furniture. Alternatively, you can raise their beds to create a playing area underneath. You can make it more interesting by hanging curtains along the perimeter. The choice is yours.

4. Use of magnetic strips.

This is one of the most effective tricks to keep your child’s toys from the floor. Fix some magnetic knife strips along the walls of his room and stick toys on them. This will make the toys easier to find, accessible, and above all, from your feet.

5. Create a play table.

When replacing some old tables with new ones, do not throw the old ones away. Have fun by transforming them into a play table for your children. This will prevent your kids from playing all over their rooms. It is not only easy to make but will keep their rooms very organized.

6. Label their drawers.

Kids can be specific and demanding at times. You can greatly help your child with their dressing by labeling drawers. This will enable them to retrieve what they exactly need faster. If it is a bow tie that your son wants, he knows exactly where to find it! Since everything is orderly in their room, you will never run out of time.

7. Repurpose old items.

As your child grows, storage is one area you will always have to consider. It is therefore advisable to choose something that is long-lasting. Opt for some stylish timeless pieces and also give their rooms some refined edges that will age with your kid.

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