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Taking Care Of Your Garden When You Are On Vacation

Going on a vacation is always exciting and lights up your mood except when this thought that who will take care of your puppy or kitty or what will happen to the lovely garden you have grown all by yourself, hits your mind. Plus, it’s always the case that most of your fruits and vegetables are on the verge of ripening when there’s a call for vacation. Bad timings! If you’ve recently had your garden landscaped by the likes of Red Shovel Albuquerque so that it now resembles a masterpiece of art or had your lawn tended to professionally by them, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a plan in place to keep the outdoor space ticking over and staying healthy while you’re away

So in order to not miss that fun filled trip you planned to Belgium to attend tomorrowland with your buddies or that romantic vacation to Maldives with your spouse, for the sake of the life of your garden, make sure you read the tips given below.


1. Watering To Last Longer

How to do it right? Check out some garden quotes and then follow below.

  1. For this goal make sure you weed your garden one or two days before your departure. I know weeding is the worst part in gardening and all gardeners irrespective of their love for this activity tend to complain about it. But remember good days are coming?
  2. Next make sure you trim the lawn and use these clippings as mulch. Because why buy the mulch when you already have it readily available.
  3. Then deeply soak your veggies just when your cab driver is loading your luggage.
  4. After deep soaking session spread the clippings from the lawn or compost if you have it available, all around the soil. You can also use large stones because the logic behind is to ensure that the soil under it remains damp for a long time but using plastic is not a good idea because it will block the water to reach the soil in case there’s a rainfall.

2. Pick Veggies or Take Relevant Measures

I know you don’t want to pick those strawberries and tomatoes right now because they’re almost about to ripe but still require a few days to be completed. Don’t worry just pick them up and drop them in the fridge, the remaining process will be completed on its own when you return. Also make sure you remove any immature peas, beans and zucchini because if you don’t do this and if they mature on the vine in your absence then you will have to say goodbye to the plant as it will just stop fruiting.


3. Use the Vine Bottle Trick for the Pot Crops

I know crop pots are a major concern because they dry up very quickly. But guess what if you place your crop pots together then it will produce a damper micro-climate and this will reduce the water lost through leaves and evaporation from the soil. Now let’s come to the trick! Fill a normal plastic water bottle and nail a hole in the center of its cap. Then fill the water bottle full and deeply soak the pot. After this quickly plunge the bottle in the soil upside down. This will water the plants for longer. Perhaps there could be more such gardenhacks you can implement in the area of gardening. It might just be a matter of going online and looking for Thankyourlawn or similar sites that can provide landscaping and gardening-related articles as well as more tips and tricks that might come in handy.

4. Hire a Gardener for the Days You Are Away

You really don’t want to return to see the death of your garden landscaping? The beautiful and colorful garden you gave life to, to turn into an area full of parched, withered crops? I know gardeners would cost you a little extra bucks but wouldn’t growing the garden again too? So save the time and energy to grow the garden again and hire a gardener for the time you’re away (or, at the very least, arrange a visit with a lawn care company like to see if anything could be put on the lawn to treat it while you’re gone and kick-start a healthier garden).

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