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The Best Spots to Capture Epic Photographs

If you are blessed with the opportunity to travel, you should make your way to the best hotspots around the world to capture the most epic photographs. After all, memories captured and held for a lifetime is something you can never replace if an opportunity is missed. After checking out top traveller opinions, we discovered the 6 locations to capture best photographs bringing to your attention the places you should be on the lookout for if you’re on the hunt for great imagery.

Without further ado, here are our top picks.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is said to be one of the most beautiful destinations holding earth’s best natural wonders. Iceland is especially popular for its beautiful night sky displaying the Northern Lights – a photographer’s ideal opportunity to capture the beauty of the evening sky. If you hire a campervan from a site such as, you’ll be able to spend the whole night capturing shots of the world’s most stunning natural light show.

  1. Morocco

The culture and landscape of what is considered to be a place of mystery and wonder, is exactly what Morocco is. If you choose to visit these dusty lands, be sure to snap up the opportunity to photograph Marrakesh.

  1. Australia

Australia holds some of the most wonderful outback wildlife. If you are an outdoors photographer and you have an appreciation for nature and all the animals she looks after, Australia has been said to be the place to get your lens out and frame all the wonderful life Australia holds.

  1. Scotland

Scotland is known for its hills layered with mossy grass, landscapes with no endings, and for its unique beauty of cloud formations and grey skies. Without a doubt, the photography opportunities Scotland holds is absolutely and breathtakingly wondrous.

  1. Africa

Africa is home to the Big Five, a whole host of cultures and some of the most attractive tourist destinations. If you find yourself visiting Africa, head on to Cape Town’s hot tourist destination and one of the wonders of the world; Table Mountain.

  1. Rio

For the photographer with an appreciation of cultural festivities and beautiful landscaping, Rio is the place to be. The Mardi Gras held in Rio each year attracts tourists and photographers from all around the world. All sorts of activities are held on the coast and visitors get to experience a different sort of party at night. Parades take to the streets and food feasts are a massive part of the festival, making Rio an ideal location for food photographers.

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