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The Essence of Design

Designers of all kinds who have established good careers for themselves earn some good money, which is by no fluke, because there’s a whole lot more that goes into the design process than what meets the eye. The true essence of design is one which seeks to achieve a number of deliverables, including:

A main focus (the point)

There has to be some kind of point to anything which has a design, which is why we refer to it as “the design of something.” For example, when you design a website the point is not just to have a website – the point is what that website is supposed to do, functionally, which is probably to deliver some information to your visitors or encourage some interaction.

An underlying story

Great design is that which leads the subjects interacting with it to the main focus or the point of the design via a good story. It could very well be a made up story, but often it’s an open-ended one which encourages the onlooker to get involved and assume some kind of role in the story.

Engaging the imagination

Great design leaves room for whoever is interacting with the design to apply a bit of their own imagination, such as how if you look at a car that looks particularly stylish, you would be encouraged to imagine yourself behind the wheel, perhaps in addition to all the places you’re going to drive to.

Extracting value

The value-extraction pillar of the design process goes right back to the main focus discussed. At the end of the day, whenever you interact with some kind of design of something, the aim is to deploy the main focus in a way that adds value to your life and makes your engagement or deployment of the design worth your while.

Often the essence of a design is represented through something like a work of art, in which case the appreciation thereof is indeed the value to be extracted.

A real-world example explored

Now that we’ve laid the pillars of the essence of design bare, going forward you’ll probably not be able to “un-see” it in everything which is presented to you, either as a sales offer, something with which to entertain yourself, or just something which is purely a design item (like art, etc). If you click here and observe the presentation of the home page of one of the most popular online casino platforms around, you’ll see everything discussed in one place!

Each game has a main focus in the form of some kind of theme, each with its own underlying storyline. Each game engages the imagination on so many different levels, including the need for you to develop a betting strategy; and you can subsequently extract some value out of your use of the platform, which in this case is doubled in that not only are the games fun (entertainment value), but they also give you the opportunity to win some money (monetary value).

That is the true essence of design at its absolute best!

Edward Thompson
Edward Thompson

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