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The Impact of Technology and the Silver Screen

Technology has changed the fundamentals of how society functions. Some would argue this is for the better, and some may say the opposite! Whatever your view is on technology, one factor that showcases how drastic these advancements are is films. The film industry has developed and kept up with the times in terms of big budgets, high-quality filming equipment, CGI and green-screen technology. These advancements have saved film companies time, and therefore money. But take a minute to consider some of the most famous film plots in the world. How would they have fared in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world? We take a look at some of the tech at our fingertips, and how some of our firm favourites might have had a slightly different plotline below.

Tracking apps

Tracking apps are an incredibly helpful and resourceful tool that is integrated into most smartphones nowadays. With a simple touch of a button, an individual can now find, track, and locate another individual through GPS, satellite signals, or other means. Find My Friends has been a featured app on Apple smartphones for quite a while, and enables the user to track the location of another person through their phone. Just think about all the film plots that would have been squandered had the characters had the ability to track via phone – Thelma and Louise would have been much less exciting. Hal could have simply worked out the last place Thelma or Louise used their mobile phones, or popped onto Find My Friends, and hey presto – the runaways would be found within a few hours. Much less exciting than a cat and mouse chase culminating in a high-speed car chase through the Grand Canyon.

DNA Testing

While people may use a site like Geneology Bank ( to start their journey into discovering their family history, DNA testing has seen advancements in recent years that has enabled a means of scientifically proving whether two individuals are biologically related. Paternity or maternity testing uses DNA profiling to confirm this. Fans of ABBA would have had a much less enjoyable musical extravaganza on their hands had Donna used DNA testing to determine the father of her daughter. We wouldn’t want it any other way, so it’s a good job nobody on that Greek Island was aware of such advancements in technology! For film lovers who want more examples of where tech would have flouted the plotlines of other classic films, be sure to check out SunLife’s tech ruining movies tool.

GPS Signals / Google Maps

Gone are the days of resorting to a good old-fashioned paper map to locate yourself, or plan a journey. Through GPS tracking, satellites are able to broadcast signals, enabling users to determine an exact location in no time at all. J R R Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings may have had a slightly different storyline for sure. Frodo and Sam’s journey to Mordor would have been much less eventful, had they been able to work out the quickest route, avoiding Uruk Hai and giant arachnids along the way.

Next Day Delivery

Last minute present needed? Is there a certain book you’re desperate to get your hands on? You can now head online and utilise services such as next day delivery to get your much-needed item straight away, and see it arrive on your doorstep. Richard Curtis’ Notting Hill may have left William Thacker without a love interest had Anna Scott simply ordered a travel book via the Amazon app during a break from filming.

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