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The Subtle Details the Make Serviced Apartments Characteristically Cosy

If you’re any kind of traveler and prefer one type of accommodation over the other, that preference comes from having experienced the best and the worst each of them has to offer. There are positives and negatives to staying in a backpackers’ hostel, for example, so too staying in a hotel, a B&B, a guest house, a private room in a hostel, a chalet or bungalow, a motel, a serviced apartment, etc.

For the most part, the type of accommodation is dictated to by the reason for your trip and where exactly you’re staying, but if the pricing wasn’t the major factor dictating your choice of accommodation, most people would choose self-catering apartments. While these serviced apartments are certainly not the very cheapest option available, based on the consideration of the overall value you get, however, they work out to be the best option.

It isn’t just the value you get for each pound that makes self-catering apartments the foremost preference though, but rather what makes them characteristically cosy. There are a few very subtle factors that come together to ensure this cosiness…

 A resemblance of home

Serviced apartments, whether they’re budget serviced apartments, luxury serviced apartments, or somewhere in the middle, characteristically feel like home. Well, you can certainly feel the difference between your own home where you spend most of your living days, but it’s more like a familiar home of a relative or close friend you regularly visit. You feel just as at home as visiting someone close and so you’re not afraid to rack-up unnecessary expenses as would be the case in something like a traditional hotel room.

The self-catering options

As an extension of the resemblance of home, having the option of being able to cater to yourself is another factor that contributes to that cosy feeling that comes with staying in a serviced apartment. That’s why “serviced apartment” is interchangeable with “self-catering apartment.” It’s surprisingly reassuring not having to call someone and perhaps add a little something to your check-out service bill every time you want to get something done.

A more personalised hosting service

I suppose it’s becoming somewhat of a norm across the different types of accommodation, that being the service becoming more personalised to each guest that visits. It is however inherently built-into the service that comes with lodging at a self-catering apartment. Besides, at something like a hotel, the personalised service is a dynamic one that depends on the occupancy of the hotel. The more guests there are, the less of this personalisation you’ll see!


The best-serviced apartments are located in neighborhoods such as Clifton, in Bristol, UK, which means you’re likely accommodated in someone’s classic styled home that has been converted to a boutique hotel or apartment building. It’s in a domestic neighborhood and that comes with inherent, home-like cosiness.

The inherent ability to stay longer

I suppose you could stay as long as you want in any type of accommodation, but with serviced apartments, the cost becomes cheaper if you book over longer periods, unlike with all other types of accommodation. Long stays also have you maintaining your homelike comforts, well, because you’re in a homelike environment.

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