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The Ultimate Gift is Vinyl Flooring

Welcome to December, the month of the year that hosts the ultimate in festivities, from family gatherings to small parties.

Regardless of how big or small your party this year will be, the clean up can present thoughts of ‘Should I even bother?’ The thought of damage to your floor through increased foot traffic is one thing, with the thought of muddy footprints giving more wear and tear to your floor – as well multiple threats from festive dropped food and drink causing damage.

Well, it is not too late in the season to spend one day preparing your home for the festivities. You can add some extra points with luxury vinyl flooring throughout your home to eliminate a lot of risk regarding wear and damage.

Safety Glides

Hard surface floors such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) do not necessarily spare you from the worry of impact damage or scuffs even though they do have great scratch resistance to them.

By adding protective glides or feet to the base of furniture you can prevent any chairs and tables from scratching to your floor. A light sweep typically will remove most markings on your floor but this measure can be implemented for extra peace of mind.An increase in the contact area between the floor and furniture can also help reduce the risk of dents in the flooring by spreading the weight out evenly.

Simple Wipes

Every celebration leaves something behind on the floor and it can be the stuff of nightmares.

With luxury vinyl floorings like Invictus or other brands, the clean-up is very easy. Should you discover that the most stubborn of marks and stains persist against the heavy safeguards within the vinyl design, most brands provide floorcare stripper agents to clear the surface. Stripping the immediate layer and adding a floorcare dressing to provide a freshness will do everything required to leave no lasting imprint of the offending mark.

Floor for the Family

Christmas morning provides all kinds of action from the kids opening their presents to the preparation of breakfast and Christmas dinner.

With the beautiful look and genuine feel of luxury vinyl flooring throughout your home, you are provided with the ultimate gift of being comfy underfoot, not falling victim to those toys leaving plenty of scratch marks and, above all else – a wonderful compliment to underfloor heating providing a warm and wonderful environment even if snowing outside.

No matter if you love winter woods or coal stone style, make luxury vinyl flooring and all of its benefits be the number one item on your Christmas wish list this year.

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